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  • Pulse

    350 35.07%
  • Sticky Bomb

    159 15.93%
  • Ballistic Shield

    29 2.91%
  • First Aid

    285 28.56%
  • Deployable Turret

    175 17.54%
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    i chose pulse because it just so necessary. when trying to exfil loot, it's super key to keeping an eye out for spawning npcs and other players. its not sexy but so important. but i really love the turret. it's another player for me when i'm solo to draw fire and protect me while i move. but it was also a big cause for going rogue in the dz. it seemed to start shooting anyone who accidentally shot me or it and it could turn me rogue easy and the ppl would get extra points for letting that happen and then offing me. i stopped using it in the dz because it made me rogue too often.

    maybe the turret should only target rogues or npcs, and not any others. even when fired upon.
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    I would have to say shield. Aid being the closest, but only because it is pretty much an essential. I played a tank character pretty much. my stamina was close to 6000..mixed with the shield and first aid and medkits, i was a beast in terms of health..

    Friends of mine were sniped in the head and dropped in one shot when it took 2 or 3 shots for me to go down. When i pull the shield out, i also get damage mitigation on top of all my health and even though i may be out numbered I can put enough power out with my military M9 to drop a few fools.

    I don't really need pulse because my DPS was relatively fine as well as my skill stat..I went off my natural instincts when scavenging areas that i usually always noticed when someone was nearby, and if i didn't notice i would hold still until they made their presence known
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    I go with pulse all the way cause it gives a huge tactical advantage, that heal ca not make up for.
    Still im suprised more people support terry the turret, rather than sticky bomb while the first is more exploited and simply weak, good only to draw atention and harass undergeared weak players, as its damage is ridiculously low compared to stickybomb.
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    Turrent has way to much health and it's also fairly hard to hit from far away. It should have half health that it currently has, or else one explosion should be able to knock it out.
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    Yes, this was driving me crazy. I decided I won't use this in the DZ at launch for this reason.
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    I ended up running pulse and first aid almost the whole beta because my buddies fell in lose with the sticky bomb and turrets. I really liked the sense of security that pulse gave me, as well as the mod for detecting loot. The first aid of course came in handy for situations where we were low on kits but could still heal. The only issue I had with the first aid was that if I was sprinting and needed to heal, my character tended to "aim" the heal gun ahead of her and it wouldn't work.
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    the shield has saved me so many times!
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    The Sticky Bomb was still my favorite in the open beta. I'm not sure if I like the original configuration, the shrapnel version, or the flashbang best. Well done.

    If the flashbang effect blinds other players for more than a second, it could be very useful in the Dark Zone. But watching Rioters fly when I detonate the original bomb between them never gets old.
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    For the PVE part I liked pulse and sticky bombs. For the Dark Zone I went with pulse and first aid.
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    First Aid and Turret

    First Aid was the most important skill to have. It really helped in the DZ. The Turret was a must for me running around solo. The turret could cover me during extraction and often came in handy more for PVP but was still great for PVE.
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