View Poll Results: What’s your favorite skill?

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  • Pulse

    350 35.07%
  • Sticky Bomb

    159 15.93%
  • Ballistic Shield

    29 2.91%
  • First Aid

    285 28.56%
  • Deployable Turret

    175 17.54%
  1. #31

    OP(for to many kills)

    pulse and turret are just too good for any who use to go alone, specialy with the mod pulse for more damage
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  2. #32
    well I voted turret but I use pulse all the time.

    I love the turret, I think it's a cool little item and it has some good uses.

    Pulse on the other hand is a must for me so yes I like it but probably because I crutch on it a bit.
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  3. #33
    I found healing my party members with first aid during battle to be a mess, so I went with scanner and sticky bomb.
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  4. #34
    Pulse and First Aid were my favorites in the Beta.
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  5. #35
    I often played alone, so having first aid, and a deployable turret were both critical. First aid to keep myself going, and the turret to draw the enemies attention, and prevent myself from being flanked.
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  6. #36
    Maybe not 'Favourite", but First Aid felt pretty much mandatory. The combat in this game is more about raw numbers-per-second than twitch skill, and First Aid puts out massive, extremely relevant numbers. Riot Shield is a deathtrap as it is in all shooters, turret is a Roguetrap and deals low damage over time, Scanner's effect is minor and BFB goes in your secondary slot. And then there's the part where your medkits run out - so First Aid becomes mandatory again for missions and DZ runs.

    Design-wise, the scanner and turret are probably my favourites, I just wish they had better numbers (and the turret Rogue-abuse case were fixed). For First Aid, I would first buff medkit to 125% of its current healing and double the capacity, and then turn First Aid into a slow heal-over-time. It should be for long mission sustain - not a burst-heal that tramples medkit's role.
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  7. #37
    I wasnt expecting to love the turret as much as I did, but it's great. If it's going to shoot other players and get me into rogue status though (personally never happened to me in beta), I'll unequip it in the DZ.
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  8. #38
    Tried them all always came back to the same two...
    Heal and Sticky bomb/Flash bang bomb.
    Heal is just added perk of an extra, re-occurring med kit, that can be used on mates as well.. And the sticky/flash bombs were just too good and able to be used in more situations than any of the other skills for my play style.
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  9. #39
    1. Pulse with conceal to jump on rogues
    2. Sticky grenade with max damage to dmg non-hostiles and finishing them up with primary weapon while they extract haha!
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  10. #40
    Pulse + Tactical Scanner !!
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