Hello everyone! And welcome to the Tom Clancy’s The Division Open Beta.

Starting February 18 and running through February 21, discover The Division for free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Thanks to the amazing feedback that we gathered during the Closed Beta we’ve made many improvements and changes to the game that will be directly implemented in the Open Beta (link to patch notes will be posted here).

There are several sections of this forum including Announcements, Beta Intel, Beta Discussion, and Bug Reports. Announcements will be used for official Open Beta/game announcements from the Community Team and Developers. Beta Intel will be used to gather your suggestions and feedback regarding the content you experience in-game. Beta Discussion is where each member will have the opportunity to discuss and debate the content available within the Open Beta. Bug Reports will be used to gather and document any bugs/issues you experience while playing. For more information on how to report an issue within the game, please see our "Report a Bug" thread.

On behalf of the entire dev team, thank you and we look forward to seeing you in the Open Beta.

Good luck and have fun, Agent!
<3 The Division Dev Team