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    [PS4] Looking for a competitive team EU

    Add KingTommyJ and i'll try out - looking for a team who want to play competitevly
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    Im also looking for a comp tea, maybe we should start one? Im from UK. Add me, thanks
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    I'm from the UK and also looking for a competitive team to play R6:S with - looking to play via GameBattles

    Add Jackpvfc94 - I have a mic and will be available most evenings.
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    mbaucom's Avatar Junior Member
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    Oct 2015

    Check us out

    TeamTridentsGaming - Community for Gamers by Gamers!
    ...I alone am a spear. When together we are Trident.
    Casual or competitive!
    Multi Gaming Community PS4 Only
    Requirements for joining:
    - 18+
    - Must have a microphone
    - Mature attitude but not overly serious
    - Must be fun to play with and no ******baggery
    - Must leave current clans that supports Battlefield series, or any other games we host.
    - Must be Active player (Active on TeamTridents Website)
    If you wish to help build this clan, we are looking for people with drive and time to help form this community and make it something worth while! We are seeking leaders, team members, or just individuals who want to play in a laid back gaming environment that promotes advancement and encourages comradely interaction.
    TeamTridentsGaming is expanding our gaming community. We are looking for dedicated , members seeking to help us expand a new divisions of gaming. We are open to hosting any game that members are willing to play and have the numbers to support it.
    Apply to www.teamtridentsgaming.com Have many community openings
    Hope to see you on the Battlefield!
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