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    Some strongs run on the donkey there @lesorsier
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    Thanks man,...

    Something new,...ending can be better but this should be the route...

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    Originally Posted by lesorsier Go to original post
    @ HeaverBeaver115: Alternative route for Garbage Route looks better, and it's much harder...it's for the show. is it faster? bhe,,, maybe
    On CCC, bigger problem is good start then ending, at least for me.

    Quagmire should be started with a front flip??? if it's easier, @#@#$ nobody told me,.. I always start like in the video,..

    About videos, you have to start from somewhere. If you record some extraordinary ride, nobody will care about quality.
    Wait. you never knew that The Quagmire had to be done with a forward flip? The reason for that is because the Donkey normally doesn't make it like the Berserker, so the forward flip is improvisation, so when you do it, you land on your back wheel and it makes it devilishly awkward afterwards, however the method you did is much better, but it's extremely difficult to pull off, so getting that in a video is excellent stuff, so huge credit to you there.

    The quality of my Donkey runs/videos is always good but the screen quality is lacking significantly to my standards, however as you said I'm only starting out so I'm trying to find better methods so I can make better videos.

    Anyway, as for Peaceful Pummel, very nice run there, however it's not a Donkey track, it feels like an awkward track to ride on.

    And, Coal Town, I must say, I'm impressed by this, 2 consecutive extreme time-savers in 1 run, it's easily one of the most impressive things I've seen on the Frontier, that's seriously good, I've even tried doing that with no success at all. Truly exceptional.

    As for Dark Smoke, I'll take a look later on it because I... don't have it. For the 1st time since playing this game, I'm playing catch-up on tracks. I didn't get 10 track pieces in that Leg, I didn't even get 1 track piece on the loot wheel at all and wasn't motivated to use gems and I didn't have enough time to use those gems in the end when I wanted to, so I'm waiting to get some track pieces when I can.

    And Plant Food. so many routes, I believe the route you've done is the quickest, but during the event I went through the pipe at the start because I thought that might have been quicker, but it's a good run too, and I need to do that track still.

    And, lastly, I had an incident involving the videos I made, I lost them all. At that point I made 20 then, about 2 to 3 weeks ago and gone. The footage for the videos isn't lost, so I can make them again, it's just I have to put in the effort again. Which meant that it has caused a heavy delay of me eventually putting those videos on YT. I also haven't been on the forums properly in a while either so I just wanted to say hi.

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    @HeaverBeaver115 Nope, I never even tired front flip, I play quagmire like in the video in the Bunker also.

    Thanks for Coal Town, I spent lot of time to make it. Sorry to hear you lost your videos. Happened to me also, but after that I always made better ones, so keep trying

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    Just to protest for diamonds I spent to get this track

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    This on is tricky

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    Friends pls

    Can someone add me as a friend, I have some missions in trials frontier. Anyoneeeee?
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    Oh my thread is still here

    I got this track yesterday,...from Halloween event,..

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    One more from this event,...

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    Hey lesorsier,

    Awesome videos! Thanks for sharing your experience with the event with the community!
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