Upon picking up some echos and trying to leave the area, my screen gets stuck in the echo view, makes it impossible to see. Have to quit to fix.

I have been instantly downed/killed in the DarkZone when no one was near me. Could be tied to the invisible players glitch others have reported.

This one may only be an issue for the beta, but if you go rogue, then leave the map into the red zone, you spawn in the safe house and can let the timer count down, safely earning your credits.

Can not call in extractions at extraction zones. Have to quit the game then restart to fix.

Sometimes when the extraction comes, I can not attach my darkzone loot. Have to quit to fix.

A few instances of getting stuck in place (sometimes blowing self up fixes this). Happened after leaving the in game menu once, another time I was standing in place and got stuck.

I will update this thread as I encounter more issues.