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    Controls fail

    Game fully ignores LMB and RMB, Mouse 3 buttons.

    Cant bind them, so basically cant shoot, cant aim, and game just act like mouse doesnt work at all. I can watch left and right, upside down. Also after Reset To Default controls ingame it flipped upside down move movement.

    So, back to the topic. If i click the LMB it just goes outside cover and stand still. Tried to bind LMB back, but it acts like i dont press button of mouse, same with RMB and mouse 3. Lucky for me scroll works.

    So cant play.

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    What type of mouse do you have? Perhaps it's the software with your mouse? Like a Naga, where you can change the button type.
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    Would you please write what mouse you are using and what Control Software Version?

    I have the same Problems with LMB and RMB and Mouse 3 Button, they do nothing.
    I Play with Razer Naga and Razer Synapse current Version.
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    I get exactly the same thing even when using a game pad. Cant shoot at all.
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    Thank you & see here.

    Thread moved into appropriate forum.
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