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    Can't login since PC beta launch

    I'm nearly trying for 2 hours to log into the game. Romeo and Mike are pretty strong guardians.

    Housemate is playing since launch and we both have all firewalls disabled and we've never seen any issues while playing the same games in online co-op mode.

    It seems like Ubisoft doesn't have the server capacity for the beta but what's made me upset is the fact I've paid money to get access to _play_ the beta.

    The only good thing so far: Title screen runs with smooth 60 fps!

    TL;DR: There's no point about the automatic "fixing" solutions posted so far in the forum. They don't work.

    Picture story (enjoy the house "tour")

    This is my laptop which is connected to our router with an ethernet cable.

    This is our spooky corridor where our router is located (about 3 feets away from my laptop)

    As you can see our router is actually very close to our rooms and we have the fastest ISP in germany (it took us 10 minutes to download the beta when we've started to download the files at the same time)

    This is my housemate who enjoys playing the beta since the very first minute without any connection issues.

    So in the end: Well done Ubisoft
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    My housemate (username Ralun24) decided to stop playing the beta right now. Ubisoft staff can check out our accounts and will see we are playing from the same house.

    From his point of view it's very boring to play without friends who are locked out of the beta and playing the Title screen on hardcore mode.

    He's prefering playig League of Legends over The Division which is kinda LOL and sad at the same time.

    Can you guys from Ubisoft fix this issues, please? This is so far the worst aplha/beta experience in my gaming history.
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    So far I'm trying for over 9 (NINE) hours to get into the game.

    Romeo and Delta are too strong D:

    It would be atleast helpful if an Ubisoft employee explain what kind of errors Romeo and Delta are.
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