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    Closed Beta - Report a Bug

    You may contact our Ubisoft Support by means of Webmail, Forums, and more. Contacting us via any of these channels will assist us in addressing any issues you may experience during your time playing.
    Thank you and enjoy the Beta!

    Click Here for More Information

    Click Here for More Information

    Ubisoft Support on Facebook
    Ubisoft Support on Twitter


    You may also submit a thread in the Bug Report section. When submitting a bug report thread in your platforms section (PC, Xbox One, PS4), please use the following format:
    • Title: [Platform] (Game issue here)
    • Body:
      1. What is the issue you're experiencing? (in a few sentences, describe what is happening)
      2. What were you doing when this issue occurred? (were you viewing a cut scene? were you playing in the Dark Zone?)
      3. Are you able to recreate the issue? (if you're able to make this issue appear again, please tell us how you've done it)
      4. What you done in an attempt to correct this issue? (restart your console? open ports?)

    Here is an example submission:
    • Title: [Xbox One] Error code DELTA
    • Body:
      1. What is the issue you're experiencing?
      - I'm experiencing error code DELTA when attempting to connect with friends.
      2. What were you doing when this issue occurred?
      - We walked into the Dark Zone and after a few minutes, this error was displayed.
      3. Are you able to recreate this issue?
      - It seems to happen every 6 hours or so, not doing anything specific.
      4. What have you done in an attempt to correct this issue?
      - I've restarted my Xbox One and made sure my internet was working properly.

    Submitting a thread with the above format will help our teams effectively investigate these potential issues. Thank you for your cooperation!

    (please keep in mind that not all threads submitted in the Beta "Bug Reports" forum section will be answered by official Ubisoft employees. While this section will give us good information and feedback for the Developers, the intended use is for players to submit bug reports to be investigated by our teams.)

    If you have any further questions regarding bug reports, you may contact xMiiSTY or Natchai_Ubisoft here on the forums.
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    Hello i started the game for some minutes ago and recived error: DELTA 20010159 when trying to log in
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    Xbox One

    1.If i go to a treasure which i marked with a waypoint on the map it disappears at 20m distance and i cant open the treasure
    2.I played in the dark zone and entered a contaminated zone
    3.I already tried to recreate it and the same did happen again
    4.I did restart the game but it did not solve the problem
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    Major bug imo

    1. A friend i was playing with unloaded a clip of 870 shot gun into an enemy 5-10 feet away the enemy took no damage and teleported behind him killing him.
    2. This event happens randomly and is really agrivating.
    3. Even with a game or consol restart the bug still happens
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    Audio Bug for gunshots

    Console: Xbox One


    Both myself and teammate have experienced issues with the sound of gunshots disappearing. At first I just thought you guys had made REALLY good suppressors, but it persisted after taking a suppressor off. It lasted around 10-15 minutes before it reverted back to normal, and only seemed to affect pistols and assault rifles (my SCAR was unaffected.

    Not been able to recreate it so far.
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    Error trying to launch Beta: You do not have the correct permissions at this time.


    I preordered the game, put my beta code in and downloaded the game.

    I am getting the Error:

    You do not have the correct permissions to continue, please check your console settings and try again.

    LIMA 20150579
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    Dieing randomly in the darkzone

    I have died 3 or 4 times now when I am sitting still in the dark zone no enemy's around or Rouge agents. I'm not sure what is causing this issue.
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    Respawn bug

    After dying I respawned and screen was red. Like I had taken damage. Never went away. Rebooted game and it went away
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    I am not allowed to post a new thread in the bug report section for the Xbox One so I am adding my bug report here. Don't know the reason why this happened, but when starting a new game the loading screen did not move from 0%. I thought that this was the game failing to load, but when I left the game on the load screen to come report the problem, the game eventually loaded the character customizer. It's mostly cosmetic, but I'm sure others would think the game was broken like I did.
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    Bug Report Xbox One

    -Xbox one

    -dark zone contaminated chests

    -On my first time entering the dark zone I encountered chest in contaminated zones that required Darkzone rank 8,10, and higher to open and chests in the subways that required Darkzone keys to open.
    So after doing some grinding to get to Darkzone rank 12(beta max) and multiple Darkzone keys I returned to these Darkzone chests and had no option to open them.
    When I returned to them after being max rank, no text or option or anything at all would come up on my screen.
    -Very easy for me to recreate because it happens everytime I go to the Darkzone chest.
    -Have tried everything to fix the issue. Xbox restart, game restart, joining others game, leaving and returning to the Darkzone, etc.
    -Possible glitch/bug that is pretty frustrating after seeing multiple people on twitch that are able to open these but I cannot.

    -P.S.-recorded on my Xbox a view different chest walk-ups of you would like to see.
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