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    Cant import RS1 PS3 to RS2014 PS4

    Hi, I am from Hong Kong.I have RS1 and RS2014 on PS3, I have imported the RS1 to RS2014 on my PS3 with the Disk importer. But I cant find it in the shop of RS4 of PS4 and therefore I cant import any songs of RS1. However I can see the purchase record of disk importer on PS4.
    Also a lot of songs and packs are missing in the store. Actually therebare only 2 packs available in the store of PS4.
    Please help!
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums,

    Have you tried using the steps here?
    Rocksmith 2014 -- PlayStation 4 & Xbox One FAQ

    If you're still having trouble, please make sure to contact Ubisoft Support directly.

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