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    Ghost Recon Wild Lands recommendations

    I'm a call of duty and battlefield player. I saw that you are investing a lot of money, time and effort in this new game. As a gamer I'm sad to tell you that this game it's not going to bit the mayor shooting games at the moment like COD even that people are kind of tired playing the same thing. If you want to do something epic this are my recommendations. First, first or third person should be players choice not the designer's. If it is an open world allow every player to be in the same world at the same time or at least by servers and not by simple game lobby with only 12 people. Allow the player to choose which side they want to fight, no matter how smart is the AI it's not funny play against a computer. Make a real world where you can do what ever you want or need to progress in the game. If you can do something similar to WoW in ps4 or xbox one but with this military concept will be great. So far the trailer and everything that you have done so far doesn't impress me that much. I'm not trying to be disrespectful but I have to be honest. Try to do something different. What most of the players want it's this and if it takes that we have to pay extra for an specific server I know that a lot of people are willing to do it. Thank you.
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