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    Your feedback to version update 1.3

    Hey Annoholics!

    The new update is finally here. You can find all the details in the latest version update.

    Let's gather feedback together!

    • How do you like the latest changes?
    • What do you think of the new zone?
    • Have you noticed anything, are there any questions?

    Your Anno 2205 team
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    So far looks awesome.
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    I would have liked to see a change to how you gather iridium, that's one of the biggest reasons the game gets quite boring quickly - you have to replay the same 2 missions over and over to get significant amounts of iridium :/

    Otherwise very good changes!
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    Sector Project Progress is now correctly shown in the Strategic Map filters.
    Didn't work. All project finished, except Wildwater Bay project.

    World market menu is cool. As well as a new project.

    P.S. Because of the sectoral project, I felt sad a little bit. I was seized with nostalgia for 2070.
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    Problem with no buildings and goods

    Just downloaded wildwater bay update and tried some buidling but nothing is operating and no goods or power is shown, even though tidal power and some factories built.
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    Sector Projects NOT fixed

    "Sector Project Progress is now correctly shown in the Strategic Map filters." NOT working.
    Nearly same as above. Finished all 9 original projects long ago (and when i play in a sector, they appear finished as they should). But on the sector overview and in the Coporation Profile the projects in the following sectors are shown as unfinished:
    • Viridian Coves
    • Cape Ambar
    • Kinngait Protectorate
    • Mare Relictum

    (those are the same as above, as i have realisied now, even if mine are arranged a bit differently)

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________
    And now i'll answer the questions above:
    How do you like the latest changes?
    • The world market looks good, but i don't see any advante. I have my 10 trade routes and i buy the goods anyway, no matter how expensive they are. And i have to add, that i got disconnected from the world market, after about 2 hours of playing. Network Status and Ubisoft Club were still 'Connected' at that time. That's an issue, that, as far as i know from the forums, many players had before. I didn't but i have it now. So it's not really an improvement, right?
    • Three new Ornaments: Nice to have some more there. But not improving the game itself, just how it looks.
    • The corporate HQ: Good that it has any function now. But i don't think i will use it. I'll play a little bit with number here to explain why:
      HQ:        20 Information | 10 Security |  3 Mobility |  1 Entertainment | 15000 Maintenance |
           1000 Workforce | 1500 Energy
      Infodrome: 10 Information |  0 Security |  0 Mobility |  0 Entertainment |   250 Maintenance |
             20 Workforce |   25 Energy
      Sec. Dep.:  0 Information | 10 Security |  0 Mobility |  0 Entertainment |  1000 Maintenance |
             50 Workforce |  100 Energy
      Metro St.:  0 Information |  0 Security | 10 Mobility |  0 Entertainment |  3000 Maintenance |
             12 Workforce |  250 Energy
      Stadium:    0 Information |  0 Security |  0 Mobility | 10 Entertainment |  8000 Maintenance |
             25 Workforce |  500 Energy
      As for the Corporate HQ Wing i don't know the exact values but what i have got from experimenting around is about:
      2.6 Information | 1.5 Security |  0.4 Mobility |  0.125 Entertainment | 750 Maintenance |
             50 Workforce | 75 Energy
      Now let's compare this:
      To get the supplies form 1 HQ with other buildings i need: 2 Infodrome, 1 Sec. Dep., 0.3 Metros and 0.1 Stadium, which results in about 3200 Maintenance, 97 workforce and 275 energy.
      To get the supplies form 1 HQ Wing with other buildings i need: 0.26 Infodrome, 0.15 Sec. Dep., 0.04 Metros and 0.0125 Stadium, which results in about 435 Maintenance, 14 workforce and 38 energy.

      Now compare these values! I don't see ANY LITTLE REASON why i should ever use the HQ. Ok, one can say, it doesn't need so much space. Yes that's right for Infodrome and Sec. Dep. For the Metro it's about equal. But try to get as much Entertainment supply with the HQ as you get with a Stadium, you'd need 10 HQs or 1 HQ with 72(!) wings.

      Honestly, i like that it has any function now, but it looks like someone in the dev/balancing team hasn't done the math and just picked some random values.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________
    What do you think of the new zone?
    The new sector seems nice so far and has many coastal building sites, which is good. Trenchcoat is also nice, and it's good that he will provide some Irdium (as it seems so far to me). But all in all, it's nothing really new.

    __________________________________________________ ______________________________
    Have you noticed anything, are there any questions?
    • As mentioned above, sector project progress is absolutely not fixed.
    • Highlighting similar buildings is very helpfull imo. Thx for that. Is there a plan to highlight them also on the minimap?
    • Minimap: I'd like to have a bigger one sometimes. Either increase the minimaps size (zoom in) or have a bigger and more detailed overlay minimap when pressing a button.
    • Conflict zones: Any plans to improve them?
    • It is still impossible (or i don't get it) to view only the trade routes of the current sector, when i have clicked another sector or no sector to view those or all traderoutes, without changing the sector, before i can view the traderoutes of my current sector.
    • Oh, and it would be nice to have some information in the UPlay client about updates. Either news or patch notes. News are shown for Rainbow6|Siege, so why not for Anno 2205 too? I really missed the update and realized only today, that it is there.
    • Aaaannnd i found another bug: I can't complete a mission (collect crates, bring them to Aidan Bhargava). I think it's because just when i was delivering them to him, i left the sector. Now i reentered it and his plane is still there but i can't deliver the objects.
    • And another bug: At Wildwater Bay my ship got stuck at Nic's Branch Office. No iea why. Had to switch to another sector and back to Wildwater, until i could move it again (but it's good, that this worked at least).
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    take long until the the warning message shows up before the anno2205 intro starts ,after that the game works fine.
    my videocard is gforce gtx970m ,no problems to play.
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    Didn't really notice a great difference in the minor updates e.g costing etc as by this point I would imagine most players have ample of resources.

    2 great improvements were the The Corporation HQ now satisfies the needs for Information, Security, Mobility and Entertainment, makes a big difference, rather than building 5 to 10 stadiums across the land. Also the new transfer and resources menu is easier, more information and better looking.

    Still plenty the developers could do to enhance the game (Multiplayer, Upgrade key buildings influence, different looks to houses/buildings etc) but I'm sure we will see more to come.

    Majorpar, Out.........
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    ^^ Great feedback, thanks everyone.
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    Some nice things added in this update but still many many things I wish to see please add more things like the ornamentals added in this DLC, I really want to be able to customize my cities in some way...they are all so big and nice looking but all the buildings look the same and they just look like clone cities please add some variety...more building models/ new buildings/ alternate buildings etc. this is what I want to see most of all
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