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    Mantis exhaust?

    Alright this is a useless as hell question but where the hell is the exhaust on the matis? It donít sound electric to me
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    Near to the driving chain...
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    You can see the dual header pipes exiting the front of the cylinder, wrapping around each side of the engine and tucking up under the tank. From there it’s routed down the unusual looking dual swing arm to exhaust driven turbines on each side of the hub which provide forward propulsion for the bike. From there the exhaust travels through the hub into fiberglass packing material to muffle the noise and finally through a spark arrestor before exiting through holes drilled around the hub. That’s why you don’t see a conventional exhaust or a drive chain on the Mantis.

    Best I could come up with after a few beers this evening! Happy Easter!
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    Thatís more than what I was expect...

    But it helps thank you fine gentlemen
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