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    Black Flag: Upgrading ship hull armor

    In my cargo inventory the icon for cloth reads as 500 and is highlighted in red. No matter how many times I acquire more cloth from raiding it never seems to change.
    My next level of hull armor requires 500 cloth. What gives?

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    Hull upgrades only require Wood and Metal. I think the upgrade you're trying to get requires 15k Reales, 200 Metal, and 500 Wood.

    If that isn't the issue, try upgrading your storage capacity to see if you can get more than 500 of the material. Another possible solution I can think of is to try and replay the Sequence 3 memory where the Jackdaw is first acquired and you're asked to upgrade her for the first time.

    Jackdaw upgrade menu
    Spoiler:  Show
    The materials/resources at the top-most of the picture, from left to right are: sugar cane, rum, cloth, wood, and metal.
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    Maybe it is wood, but what does the red highlight of the icon mean?
    You are correct I an at the level where the upgrade costs 15000 reals...and I have the 200 metal.
    Is it telling me I need some plan or something else to make the upgrade?
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    If the icon at the top of the screen is red, it means your cargo hold is full and you can't carry any more of that kind of item (unless you upgrade your cargo carrying).

    If one of the items in the upgrade cost section is red (like in the screenshot Ureh put in his spoiler tag), it means you don't have enough of that item for the upgrade. In Ureh's picture, he doesn't have any of all three items.

    The only upgrades you need plans for are for the last box in the row, and it will tell you (in red text I think) that you must have a plan to make that upgrade.
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    So then why is it not letting me make the upgrade if I have the materieals and the 15000 reals?
    I never get the option to make the upgrade. Why would cargo hold size prevent the upgrade? Your resposnes have been helpful....much appreciated.
    I must be missing something.

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