Free Content Patch 1 now available!

New Features

  • Welcome to the "Wildwater Bay"! This patch brings up a new Sector which is now available within the Temperate Region. Purchase it from a rival corporation and settle a new city in a large continental landscape. Also an old friend offers you a whole new Sector Project.
  • Free artworks for all players: In your installed game directory, go to /BonusContent/Artwork to get a large wallpaper and banner artwork of the "Wildwater Bay".
  • The World Market received a major update. It now contains a menu which tells you everything about the price development and your available routes.
  • Three new Ornamentals have been added to the Temperate Region.
  • The Corporation HQ now satisfies the needs for Information, Security, Mobility and Entertainment.


  • Audio messages aren't cut off anymore when the game is sped up.
  • Quest Objects will no longer accidentally spawn inside a crater.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Clients to stay in a Sector after their Quest was solved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Feedback Units to disappear.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Command Vehicle to spawn at a wrong place after a Sector Overtake.
  • Loading bars now correctly show 100% on time.
  • Sector Project Progress is now correctly shown in the Strategic Map filters.


The following changes affect all existing corporations. Be aware of possible changes to your economy.

  • Construction Costs of the Corporation HQ main building were adjusted:
    • Biopolymers: Increased to 250 (from 150)
    • Construct-o-Bots: Incresed to 250 (from 150)
    • Superalloys: Increased to 250 (from 150)

  • Maintenance Costs of the Corporation HQ main building were adjusted:
    • Energy: Decreased to 1,500 (from 2,000)
    • Workforce: Decreased to 1,000 (from 10,000)
    • Credits: Increased to 15,000 (from 10,000)

  • Construction & Maintenance Costs of the Corporation HQ modules were adjusted:
    • Modules now cost 25 Iridium and 50 Graphene
    • Maintenance Costs are now increased by 5% per module (was 10%)

  • Some Achievements were adjusted to work with the new Sector "Wildwater Bay".
  • Bridges now take longer to construct and consume more resources.


  • The World Market received a whole new menu.
  • The Spaceport and Bridges menu was updated to better display the required upgrade time and costs.
  • The Corporation HQ menu displays the new supply it provides.
  • Modules now show their individual bonus and maintenance cost.
  • When selecting a factory or public building, all buildings of the same type are also highlighted.