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    Playing LAN with one account?


    my brother and me sitting next to each other (2 PCs) and want to play Heroes VII in LAN mode. We do not want to play the game in Hotseat.

    After a few hours we could manage to join each other in a created game. The major problem is that he uses the same name (because Heroes VII uses the Uplay username).

    When he joins we have two players, with the same name, and that wouln't be a problem but my brother controls the same player as I do. So we can not access player two (even if he is player 2 xD).

    The result is that we can not launch the game because nobody of us can access the ready button of player two^^.

    Just for understanding:
    I create a game and got the color RED.
    He joins and got the color BLUE.
    Both players have the same name (not a problem).
    He can only access the configuration and ready button for player RED.

    In Heroes V there was steam family sharing so that we played together, and my hope was to do the same in Heroes VII.

    Maybe someone has an idea how to solve that issue without buying a second copy of the game. Changing the Uplay nickname is also not really an option.
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    Hi EDENTerpo and welcome to the forums, it is not possible to use the same account twice.

    It is Uplay policy and mostly the same for Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services too.

    To play together, you would need to set up Hotseat on the same computer or purchase another copy.

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    Well, then we will go the Hotseat way.
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    Dont purchase another copy LAN and online multiplayer doesnt work.
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    That you would recommend purchasing a second copy of the game to play online/LAN when you know FULL WELL that the out of sync errors make your terrible game completely unplayable in multiplayer is awful. My partner and I each have a copy of this game and we just can't play together. Tried to get our money back and we were rejected. I've never seen a company abandon their game and fans like this, you should feel shame.
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    Hello ninajesu, welcome to the forums!

    Sorry to hear that and apologies for the delayed reply. Can you please provide us with a little more information regarding this? Are you receiving any error as such, while you're trying to connect? Can you please provide us with a short video? Have you tried the troubleshooting steps by any chance?
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