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    Game crashed => reconnect => Error .
    I can't reconnect because game crashed.

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    Defenders Allowed To Go Outside During Prep Phase MUST BE FIXED IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

    Issue Name: Game Exploit: Defenders Allowed To Go Outside During Prep Phase (Red Wall)
    Priority: 1
    Platform impacted: All platforms
    Error description: When doing specific actions, players can bypass the red wall that is intended to prevent the defenders from going outside during prep phase. (Impacts GC and DGS)
    Issue Fix State: In progress
    Upcoming Fixes & Timing: Update 1.3

    Some players know about the spawning point and they pre-planted the c4 at the spawn point during the preparation phase.
    When the game started,my whole team were killed immediately.

    How long should we wait for the update 1.3?
    We need a HOTFIX NOW!!!
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    Are we even playing the same game? All these connection errors and problems everyone is having; I have not come across one during my game plays (PC). What system are you guys on?
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    needs more updates

    sometimes when i join a lobby i'm not able to pick my operator causing me to use recruit

    also have to change the settings for people that team kill there should be a timer when its save to kill your team like put a 30 second timer at the start of every round that if a player starts shooting their team mates the bullets bounce back and kill the player trying to kill the team mates.

    just saying i know i'm not the only one that hate people that start team killing at the begging of a game
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    I started up RS:S and everything was working but i go and click to play a casual or ranked and it just says "updating playlist" that little message quickly appears and dissapears then nothing happens and i cant join a game ive restarted rainbow six siege a few times and nothing has happened it is still the same problem, i am online and it still does not appear to be letting me join a game

    p.s. it also connects me to the RS:S servers and creats squad when i start up the game it does all that. still refuses to let me play.

    edit: it now decides it wants to work after about several restarts of the game.
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