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    Old School Scales, Stepped Scales, Fretboard memorization, chord construction, etc.

    Sorry to post this again
    And please Ubi Soft, please do not dismiss this idea as being duplication of features already contained in the game.

    I have been playing both versions of Rocksmith on an off for some time now, and have gone through all its features,
    And my over all experience has been excellent, or should I say, i have never had such a great music based game experience anywhere else.

    However, i was hoping that Ubi-soft would consider developing more features or even some type of pay for bolt on
    that is more catered at helping a guitarist / bassist learn music theory etc inside out, so that they can then not only be able to play
    other peoples songs accurately but they can play innovative original improvised solo and rhythm parts.

    The areas that I am most interesting in are as follows:

    Old School Scale training in each position and various positions, options for all scales

    Stepped Scales in each position and then various positions, options of all scales or tracks that use more than one scale

    Fret board memorization > learn the fret board inside out, know where each note is without thinking.

    chord construction, knowing this will help the guitarist and bass player know how to improvise or write riffs/bass lines/solo parts without going out of key (unless you want)

    ear training, be able to pick out exact notes/chords/scales etc

    improvisation. _ using skills developed from the above training, a game aimed at helping people develop improvisation skills

    Rhythm skills / Time signatures. Learning to play various time signatures and mixing them up from one section to another

    Progressive Chord tutor - again, similar to the game but more serious and intense, and less reliant on graphics.

    And sure, I know that some of the features that I request are already featured in the game, however, i have to say that at the present
    the present method of teaching via guitaracade isn't as effective as I would have hoped it to be.

    thanks for your help
    time and consideration
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    The thing you need to remember though, weepy is that they actually need to sell the game.and while all of those features could be done is it financially worth it? You're talking about a niche market of musicians who are advanced enough to use those tools. They pretty much gear the game towards newbies or lapsed players. You and I might like them but will it sell to the masses?
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    Kind of along the same lines of thinking as ThatchRock595. For me they could toss all the game elements and focus just on teaching and practicing music but how would that sell? After all they market this as a game via game distribution channels to gamers. If they make another version perhaps they will improve the teaching aspect, as they did from RS1 to RS 2014, we'll have to wait and see as they've stated several times they are not adding any more features to the current version.
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    And how many other ways are already out there for learning all that stuff for those who want it?

    Rocksmith was developed because of the innovation between using an actual instrument to play the game. Not because it re-packaged decades of teaching material.
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    teaching all these topics would only lead to less customers at some point.....just saying.
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    We've discussed a few of these before in the context of mini-games. Which would make some of this less tedious.

    For instance, an ear training game with various difficulty levels where the game sounds a starting note (allows you to play that note), and then plays an interval from there, and you have to quickly play the next note without making a mistake to move forward etc... I mean, it could be in the form of a battle where the monsters get harder and harder to beat, and that's represented in how fast you have to find the correct pitch. Added dificutly for perfect pitch where there is no starting tone - I definitely would not be top of the ear training leaderboard, but it would be fun trying

    Edit: The game could get much more complicated by including chords, double stops, etc... You could choose your starting difficulty where the most basic difficulty could focus more on unisons, octaves, thirds/fifths etc... And move more complex from there. Even something where the game plays a progression and you have to play the root note of the key of the progression might be cool

    Or a scale game that was more focused on timing than our current scale game. Lots of ideas for how to make that fun. Today scale racer isn't helpful because it ramps up too quickly for most folks, and doesn't have a lot of repetition. If something allowed people to set a starting point (faster more complicated chords would give more points), and the game required playing the same scale on time a few times before moving faster or to a different patter that would probably be more helpful

    Really, UBI could make a lot of the topics above fun in the form of better mini-games. The ones we have are not very useful, but they could be if UBI chose to put some effort into them.
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    I've always thought a game for people to familiarize themselves with the notes on the fret board would be useful and not too complicated to turn into a guitarcade game
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    guitarcade needs to be reworked. there needs to be some other game modes such as a continuous play with a slower difficulty progression. why should crashing the car for a missed note in a pentatonic scale make you start the game all over? same for the saloon. maybe have an option to allow x many mistakes before the game is over. etc...

    sometimes you want a steady rhythm to just keep going. i hate ending the game, checking the scores, starting all over
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    I've recently been working on learning the notes on the fret board. I started with this site: https://deftdigits.com/2011/07/16/kn...tar-in-9-days/

    It helped a bit, especially the part about octaves, but I needed a way to practice and get the notes down faster. I then found this site: http://www.fachords.com/tools/fretboard-cyber-trainer/

    There's a "game mode" where you have to locate as many notes as possible in 100 seconds. Just look for Fretboard Notes Game on the right. Considering my best score so far is only 20-something, it's still taking me an average of 5 seconds to identify the notes. Lots of room for improvement, but I'm hoping 15 mins a day with this game will produce some results.
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    all those features you want are the very things you should be doing by yourself away from the game. Don't expect RS to be everything for everybody.

    Take youtube lessons. Theory should be learnt away from the game in addition to using RS. Don't be lazy,do your homework.
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