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    How to Level up fast?

    I have the Darwin conspiracy and the dreadful crimes but then also i am finding it difficult to level up please tell me how you guys level up?
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    Income activities give you a lot of xp. For example cargo hijacks, and smuggler boats. Try and look for the highest level ones available on your map and complete them over and over
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    Fight clubs are good ways to level up pretty fast overall. Plus add a lot of extra money in the process.
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    All I do is to liberate London. When all that is left is westminster, then I do the dreadful crimes and after that if I remember correctly, I have enough skill points to get all the skills. So, after that I'm level 10. Hope it help. ^-^
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    In all fairness there is no need to level up if you want to stealth your way to winning missions.

    If not, I suggest to open some chests, buy the map to open more and then invest in the Swindler tree of the Gang Upgrades.

    The first part of this article is spot on in fact:

    That will make your life easier when you take over boroughs and complete missions.
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