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    With the middle of summer upon us, what better time then to join up with our crew of folks in the division for fun raids, total dark zone blackouts and much more ! Join our clan and enjoy the game like never before with friendships and dozens of people to play with any time of night or day !
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    AOD is a group of people who love the Division, Division 2, and R6. Come on in and have a blast with us! We look forward to meeting you.
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    Welcome our newest member StinkyLou to the community!
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    I want to welcome our newest colleague generalD98.
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    I would like to welcome Nobbless to the AOD family!
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    Bumping thread is not allowed... be careful
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    Welcome Everyone

    Hi people, we are looking for recruits to play with, Come have fun with us!!
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    Recruting New Members

    Hi guys, we are still recruting, come have fun with all new friend!
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    I would like to welcome out newest member, Terrawr, to our community.
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    Recruting New Members

    Hi, we are looking for frinds that want to join a fun clan to play with!
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