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    Angels Of Death Recruitment Thread

    Angels of Death was established back in 1999.
    We have over 2400 members globally and we span over multiple major titles such as Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront, Archeage, H1Z1 and the list can go on, We have newly formed a Tom Clancy division within AOD which supports all upcoming Tom Clancy and Rainbow Six games such as The Division and Siege and we are looking for new recruits to join our newly formed division and help us work on keeping it.

    We are here to have fun and game and of course the odd competitive scene and clan battles, although teamwork is key in this game and many other Tom Clancy titles, we expect you to respect other members and communicate with your other division members.

    To apply to AOD you must be over the age of 16, have teamspeak, be able to conduct yourself in a respectful and mature manner and be respectful to other members within the community.

    Come and check out our website

    If you're interested in applying for membership within the Tom Clancy division, visit this link and apply (you will need to register first)

    If you have any questions or need any help, add me on Uplay or steam.

    Uplay - AOD_Panda & AOD_Jinxbart

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    We are officially recruiting for this game!
    Remember, we are also still recruiting for siege to!
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    Please welcome our newest recruit!

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    We are still recruiting for Siege as well as The Division, check us out @ www.clanaod.net
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    I have been with this group since 2009 and haven't regretted a moment. If you enjoy being able to have fun both in competitive and non competitive play look no farther than http://www.clanaod.net

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    We're still recruiting!
    Check us out @ www.clanaod.net
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    Come join the greatest community on the internet, with 111 people in Tom Clancy alone you will have people to play with and enjoy these great games with. With 2.7k people you will also be able to play other great titles when they come out with gamers like you.
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    Loved the closed beta with you folks, can't wait for the open beta to see new stuff before release and play with yall again.
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    Open beta was great, nothing better than rocking the DZ with Clan tags!
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    have sent in an application
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