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    AOD is always looking for more division agents in need of help, assistance, or just to make some fun memories !!! We are proud to launch search and collect journeys for collectables and rare spawns, and are always looking to squad up and do a raid or a dark zone push !
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    Do you play Division and wanted to do raids and you are by yourself? You in luck we, the other Agents, are waiting for you to Join and together be dominating.
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    We are still recruiting for new agents
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    I am pleased to welcome Rutledge45 to the AOD family!

    Visit CLANAOD.net to join our ranks, looking forward to seeing you
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    We are still looking for new people.
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    I would like to welcome our newest member gllass.
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    I would like to say welcome to Duckthehamster. New member to AOD! Have fun and welcome to the family!
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    Join clan AOD

    Clan AOD is still recruiting so why would you not join the most active friendly clan around.

    Feel free to sign up at clanaod.net
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    With the new update right around the corner, getting back into The Division and gracing those last minute legendary or skins is something we understand and would love to help you with. want to go on dark zone raids without fear of getting full of opposing fire? join us for our raid nights or the designated collectable scavenger hunts ! Join us for plenty of 4 stacks and fun !
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    Clan AOD is still recruiting!
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