1. #871
    Hello Justin,

    Feel free to apply at clanaod.net. We might have some German players playing, but it depends on when they're online. Also, we try to keep our voice chats in English so everyone can communicate in a comfortable way without misunderstanding each other.

    Also, we're still looking for new operators. If you're interested in joining us, clanaod.net is where it's at.

    See you soon operators!
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  2. #872
    I am pleased to welcome PhantomF to the AOD family!

    Visit CLANAOD.net to join our ranks, looking forward to seeing you
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  3. #873
    We still looking for new people. Join Us
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  4. #874
    I would like to welcome our newest member gllass.
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  5. #875
    Welcome Mattern to AOD! Glad to have you with us!
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  6. #876

    NEW recruit

    Welcome to our newest and finest recruit six9ine glad you are along for the ride

    If you would like to join also you can sign up at clanaod.net see you in-game
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  7. #877
    Hello everyone ! with the new season coming up there has never been a better time to join the Tom Clancy AOD ! with fun interesting games with hondereds of people in our division, you will never go without a partner be it quick match, unranked, ranked, or a seasonal event ! WE WANT YOU !
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  8. #878
    We'd like to welcome our newest operators to our clan:

    We hope you enjoy your stay in our clan.

    If you're interested in joining us, have a look at clanaod.net.

    We hope to see you soon in-game operators!
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  9. #879
    Big welcome to our newest member MikeOxlong!
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  10. #880
    Welcome to our newest member, AxeL!
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