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    Angels Of Death Recruitment Thread

    The Angels Of Death
    Engaged in 18 Major Game Titles
    With more then 3000 Active Members


    Are you looking for an amazing community to join and always find someone to team up with? A place to call home away from home! Your search is over! Join us today in ClanAOD for our Rainbow Six Siege Division

    Established in 1999, Clan AOD has been around for decades and it will continue to be here for more to come. With a friendly NCO staff team and amazing members from all around the world that can help anyone achieve there goals may it be In-game targets or life goals, we're here to help, The Tom Clancy Division has been around since 2015 having over 200 members at the moment.

    These being said, Here is what we're bringing to the table

    What to expect from AOD

    • Access to a 400 man private Teamspeak Server.
    • Our Partnered Dedicated Discord Server.
    • Access to our own website with Dedicated Forums for each Division.
    • Access to and the ability to play with all of our members in any game we have a division for, as well as on our servers
    • We are not here for just one game. We are an established community that plays many games. Dominate one, or Dominate them all its your choice
    • Fun, friendly atmosphere where the clan is more of a family then a group of players.
    • Friendly, Interesting members. New to the game, need help? Don't be afraid to ask.
    • Fair play; Zero tolerance for cheaters.
    • Formal and Informal organised events with rewards.
    • Opportunity to be part of a team greater than any individual.

    What we expect from YOU

    • Be 16 years of age or older.
    • Have a working microphone.
    • Wear AOD tags whilst you are in-game.
    • Contribute to the forums every 2 weeks to maintain activity.
    • No sexual, political, racial, gender, ect, discussions allowed.

    If you are interested to see how we roll check out our website!

    If you require any assistance please feel free to add our Commanding Officer or our Executive Officer on Uplay
    AOD_Snake - AOD_Ithil

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    New Recruit in AOD

    Just wanted to take the time to welcome a new recruit to our Clan. His name is AOD_Jinxbart. Welcome Jinxbart!
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    Just enlisted a new recruit. His name is AOD_Sippon. Welcome Sippon!
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    New Recruit in AOD

    Just wanted to take the time to welcome a new recruit to our Clan. His name is AOD_unfaction. Welcome unfaction!
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    We have another new member, Please welcome AOD_Capt.WhitePatch. Welcome WhitePatch
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    Welcome another new member, Please give a warm welcome to AOD_Deadtom888 Welcome Deadtom!
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    Welcome the new fresh meat, SufferingKnave. Welcome to AOD brother!
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    Welcome another recruit to our ranks, DeathBlossomX. Welcome to the AOD family!
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    Welcome new member

    Just wanted to welcome Deagle to the ranks. Congrats Brother!
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    Welcome a bunch of new members to our ranks.


    Welcome to the family guys!
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