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    Welcoming all new Recruits to the AOD Tom Clancy Division

    I would just like to take the time to welcome all the new recruits to the Tom Clancy Division. With all the new games coming out for the season, games that we have come to enjoy, and the exciting events we are working on I hope that all of you are having an enjoyable time so far and feel free to make suggestions about different things we can do to make AOD Tom Clancy Division even better. Don't forget to grab a warm coat, Winter is Coming.
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    AOD is still and always is recruiting gamers 16+ that are looking for a gaming community to play alongside. Never game alone!
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    Looking for some fun mates to 5 stack with? We are starting up our EU ESL team soon following the success of our newely formed NA ESL team! Make an account and apply to join ClanAOD on our forums @ ClanAOD.net!
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    Check the first post! We are looking for active gamers!
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    Our newest member cptCuervo joined us today!

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    Welcome to our newest recruits Vadik and FourLeaf
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    Welcoming all new members.

    Welcome a bunch of new members to our ranks.
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    Clan AOD would like to welcome our newest members DocHoliday and GreywolfXXX
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