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    ACIV: Black Flag - English localization on Russian game

    Is there any 'official' way to use it?
    Most of CIS players hate russian localization, so why do you force them to use it? I have purchased game full game on uplay not steam (because of ridiculous pricing system and region locks included) but it seems that steam allow to select english, and uplay still have region lock and do not allow me to select another language.

    Sorry, but it's not fare.
    I love most of your games, but if you will continue same politics that threat users as ***t - most people will still be using 'not official' game sources, because it's more easy and more convenient.

    So back to first question - is there any way to enable english sound? As I see game downloaded all languages, but it's locked somewhere.
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    Moreover, when purschasing there were no warnings that the game would have a language lock. I never would have bought it otherwise. If there is no official way to play in the original, I want to get a refund.
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    Same question here.

    Edward's voice in the Russian version is horrible not to mention the loss of the true meaning, context, jokes and intonations in the entire game. Why in-game menu language selection is disabled completely? I wanted to play with the English voice acting and Russian subtitles, but for some mysterious reason, you do not give me a choice. Do you care about that I do not forget my native language or what? No, thank you. Give me a choice.

    As already mentioned the whole set of languages ​​is already present in the game folder. Are they DLC? Then let me buy English voice acting.
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    There is no doubt about it that.

    I am a loyal fan of AC series for years and I couldn`t wait for the next part to come out. AC has one of the best universes to explore, but only in original language. Playing the game with Russian localization is seriously limits amount of fun and excitement the game can provide with original voiceacting, and it`s a fact - Russian localization is almost always loosing original idea of what happening on screen. And it goes for every game, movie or TV show.

    So I absolutely agree with previous posts. We bought full version of the game, it already has all possible localization packs, so why can`t we just choose one we trully like instead of forcing us to use probably the only thing we hate about this game? I just don`t want this to ruin my game expirience, and a lot of people has the same idea.

    I really hope you would listen to your users and make a right decision.

    P.S I pre-ordered Uplay version, and I can`t understand why Steam version provides unlocked game, but Ubi`s own platform can`t do the same thing. It`s really unfair to users who trying to use Ubisoft`s product.
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    Problem still exists. Is there some kind of official Ubisoft position on this?
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    Totally agree. Russian voice acting is horrible, it ruins story and game experience completely.

    By the way, there are lots of ppl in Russia that more comfortable with other languages (French, German, etc). You do realize you force them as well?
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    Now i know why people want refunds, i want one now.
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    I wish more people who values original sound of the game would post on this forum. But I know most of the usual players don`t give a damn about sound and worships only graphics of the games, even forgetting about story.
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    Would be really nice to see some solution. This restriction is unfair, and can't be avoided by editing registry of replacing localization.lang. We want to play the game like normal people!
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    same problem, though i speak russian, i just cant play listening to this crappy translation. it was the first time i preordered directly from uplay instead of steam, never gonna make the same mistake again...
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