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    City of Victoria, Hong Kong

    Was once the capital settlement in Hong Kong during the British colonial period. The golden period of the city when it still had the magnificent victorian look is from around 1910-1930, when the 2nd gen Hong Kong & Shanhai Bank and the City Hall were still standing at the Royal Square.

    If the City of Victoria can be ‘rebuild’ via AC, this would be very meaningful to not just gamers but to all current gen Hongkongers. Most of the classical-looking buildings were demolished and replaced by high-rises after WW2. Even the name of Victoria City has been long gone.

    the current look
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    Requesting to make an Assassins Creed game based on Sri Lanka

    I Like You Make Game For Srilanka From Srilanka.I Like Get This Logo For ACCSL Game.This Logo Create By Me.Thankyou

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    Team up with Japanese film and documentary makers and manga writers to make ancient Japan look awesome and ask them to help make it the kind of game that will not shame the country or be banned.
    For the new assassins creed in the Far East bring back the ability to dual wield weapons like swords knives and pistols and bring back rifles and pistols like the arquebus, flintlock and matchlock with bayonets and repeating mechanisms. Also bring back the blowpipe and new throwable weapons could be needles and claws for climbing castle walls . Ninjas kunoichi (female Ninjas), Shoalin monks, nuns, samurai, ronin and onna bugeisha (female Samurai) could be playable characters with the Samurai selecting a new member of their ranks from a local farming village. Their family will be given the honour of being trained by their generals and experienced Ninja for Ninjitsu training. The players wardrobe will be made up of what they train, spar and compete in at the various dojo’s and martial arts schools around Japan with masks for espionage missions with the ability to dye their uniforms a variety of different colours. It won’t be uncommon to find the basket hat wearing komouso monks walking through the map playing calming meditative music on the shakuhachi flute as they collect alms for the poor

    Dear Ubisoft I hear there’s going to be a new Assassins creed coming out called AC Dynasty set in the ancient which sounds fantastic. Make your own 3rd person version of the moves in these clips to make the most devastating fighting style yet https://youtu.be/iXYwwRA6Swk https://youtu.be/smFW8uHLVgo https://youtu.be/NIrxW0JNJGM Take the executions and combat over the top and brutal by teaming up with neatherrealm studios Golden Harvest and Toho film studios to deliver your own versions of fatalities and x-ray attacks during combat that graphically and audibly snap bones and joints, rip torsos in half and into pieces, tearing skin limbs, and flesh off remove and destroy organs dissect enemies and decapitate them causing gaping wounds and blood to spray though this all can be turned off in the options menu. What you want to do is make it a struggle between the empires of either genghis or kublai Khan and the kingdoms of Japan and China and explore shoot fighting, point fighting, full contact and semi contact martial arts events and styles of each country with martial arts schools from each style and religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity having representatives and places of worship like mosques, temples, churches, monasteries and convents with nuns, priests, pastors and mullahs part of local communities who players can interact with for missions as well as farmers, fishermen, carpenters, blacksmiths, tea houses, hibachi grills, dim sum and sushi restaurants to visit for drinks like saki, sappo fresh fried grilled baked and steamed fish, meat vegetable and dessert meals, entertainment from singers, dancers and missions from the staff and customers. Also try and include different Far East language and spoken audio and dialogue options like Cantonese, Japanese mandarin and Chinese

    Dear Ubisoft Get cutlery experts from cold steel to demonstrate and help design attack animations for all of these weapons and include them throughout the campaign axes and tomahawks Throwing knives Machetes Fixed knives Folding knives, near unbreakable hand held throwing/stabbing darts and a pocket size bullet shaped tool called the torpedo sharpened at both ends that flips through the air to pierce and smash through the toughest cover or body armour

    Bring back and enhance the fighting style we saw in assassins creed black flag, ac{ and syndicate for a style that’s fast and hard hitting. In ancient Japan fighters studying Chinese martial arts will wear pants shoes and Kung fu style shirts with jackets that button up compared to students of Japanese martial arts who will be barefoot in gi’s with long sleeved and sleeveless varieties for styles like karate and robes and pants for fighting styles like aikido. Sometimes for full contact bouts they’ll strip to the waist and gloves headgear and the equivalent of gloves for feet will be added with protective vests. When competing in matches, tournaments and training weapons wooden ones will be used for safety. Every martial arts I listed will mean that players can learn skills they don’t have like grappling and submission holds by taking lessons and sparring with a jiu jitsu expert or swordsmanship by taking kendo and iado lessons just to name a few. This type of training will make them fitter and even open up offers to train soldiers fighters and actors seeking to bring eastern martial arts to their countries and offers for players to start their own schools near palaces which will improve as students will need places to eat and drink after sparring and so tea rooms, hibachi, dim sum and sushi restaurants will open up nearby where players can relax and find out about job opportunities be it contracts or the locations of fugitives who can be captured and brought to police stations. Other times owners of establishments and local business can help provide details of no holds barred tournaments where any fighting style from around the world will be allowed and records can be made and broken such as fastest knockout or quickest win. The idea will be to without leaving the ring, score two points in each match with the a third in the final bout with the ring platform being raised at the edges making it even more important to stay in.

    Notice how in martial arts fighters move gracefully and strike with speed and power no matter the weapon. This will be the case in ancient Japan as gymnastic moves won’t be uncommon and a popular tactic is stick fighting using kali sticks. Bring back these characters and weapons from for honor that players will encounter as allies who can provide missions, combat training in different martial arts and weapons styles and vital equipment like the weapons and tools they use. Also remember that the kusarigama was a chain weapon with a weight on one end and the Kama on the other allowing the user to ensnare attackers before landing a hit with the Kama. Nodachi Long Katana The Kensei A longer, stronger version of the Katana. Kanabo Kanabo The Shugoki Blunt and hard hitting. Katana Katana The Orochi Quick and deadly. Naginata Polearm The Nobushi Made for bleeding and range hitting. Kusarigama Dual scythes The Shinobi Built for range and speed. Dual Katana Dual Blades Aramusha 2 of the same, twice the power. Dao Blade Dao Blade Tiandi A special weapon of the royal guards. Guan Dao Halberd,Naginata Polearm Jiang Jun Heavy yet quick. Hookswords Twin Hookswords Nuxia The perfect art of isolation. Monk Staff Polearm Shaolin Quick and deadly.. yet made of wood. Also use the list of martial arts I provided to create more characters like you did with for honor all with their own backgrounds. Players could play as a male ninja/samurai character based on hattori hanzo and a female kunoichi(female character)/female samurai based on tomoe gozen. Players will encounter mongol princesses such as kokachin and khutulun the warrior princess who was an expert wrestler as well as Marco Polo who will be romancing them and they will be your allies showing you new inventions by their Chinese friends like gunpowder and fireworks which you can use as powerfully weapons whether via arrows catapults grenades mines or explosives. Also smokeless powder will help players remain harder to detect as explosions and firearms using them won’t produce visible smoke, whereas enemies and their weapons will be much easier to spot due to their muzzle flashes and smoke which itself will make it easier for players to melt away. The jungle will make excellent underground hideouts for the Ninja who will have entire city like networks built to stay in for as long as it takes will be masters of camouflage and can hide in plain sight among civilians or in the mountains and jungles making them a frustrating enemy for the Templar’s who will target civilians they think are helping or hiding them and this will bolster the public’s support for the Ninjas as players will be able to help investigate violent crackdowns and persecution of religious and ethnic minorities, rapes, murders and rescue kidnapped children and prisoners of war held and abused in awful detention centres in missions based on immigrant family separations in the news to say something meaningful about xenophobia shootings of unarmed people and violence against women. Your sensei will encourage you to strive for human rights and stand up for what’s right defending the powerless even if it’s unpopular and difficult so that the way of the ninja and the Samurai is the right one and the path to inner peace and enlightenment.

    Ancient Japan is potentially a really thrilling place for assassins creed to go back and enhance the fighting style that assassins creed 3 and 4 and unity had and use all of the previous types of Chinese and Japanese fighters and weapons we saw in For Honor. In previous messages I provided a list of martial arts from China and Japan to include so that players can take bits from different fighting styles to build one of their own. This can be done by basing each style on a famous fighter or actor who uses them and have a series of full contact, light contact, point fighting tournaments to crown champions. Fighters will show up at players Dojo’s and invite them to accept their challenge and enter the tournaments. The more of them players face the more techniques they’ll learn and some fighters will even offer to teach you their way of fighting in training and sparring sessions. This will make players much more dangerous in actual combat which itself will see players able to strike with lightning speed with blows hard enough to cause compound fractures and blunt weapons like the bo staff with the speed and power to destroy cinderblocks in one hit while tempering and heat treating will make blades like the wakizashi and katana swords along with the tanto knife deadly enough to chop limbs and heads off in one hit and stab through the toughest material and thickest strongest muscle with ease. Ask existing martial artists to help with making the unarmed combat as diverse, fast and satisfying as you’d see on the big screen, in competition and in real life so that every weapon or unarmed strike and disarming move or takedown looks and sounds very powerful and really fast. Also get existing special operations members to help you craft missions that will involve different types of guerrilla warfare missions and tactics the players could perform as Ninjas

    Notice how quick martial artists are on screen. The plsyers new martial arts skills from the list of styles I mention will mean that no weapon will be slow and unwieldy instead players will be be able to strike with the speed of a cobra or Bruce Lee combined with the power to shatter concrete. Unarmed combat will be devastating once again as players will be able to disarm up to four enemies at the dime time turning their weapons against them and causing them to hit their own teammates. Mines and breaching charges will help slow down pursuers and open locked doors and a new feature will show shrapnel from metallic objects peppering them

    use These fighting styles for Japanese ninja clans Aikido Araki-ryū Bajutsu Battōjutsu Bōjutsu Bujinkan Chitō-ryū Daitō-ryū aiki-jūjutsu Genseiryū Gōjū-ryū Hakkō-ryū Hojōjutsu Hōjutsu Iaido Iaijutsu) Isshin-ryu Jōdō Japanese kickboxing Judo Jūkendō Jujutsu Jiujitsu, Jujitsu) Juttejutsu Karate Kendo Kenjutsu Kenpo Kosho Shorei Ryū Kempo Kūdō Kusarigamajutsu Kyūdō Kyūjutsu Naginatajutsu Maniwa Nen-ryū Ninjutsu (忍術) Nippon Kempo Okinawan kobudō Seishinkai Shindō jinen-ryū ****ō-ryū Shoot Boxing Shoot wrestling Shootfighting Shōrin-ryū Shōrinji Kempō Shorinji-Ryu Shōtōkan-ryū Shūdōkan Shūkōkai Shurikenjutsu Sōjutsu Sōsuishi-ryū Suijutsu Sumo Taido Taijutsu Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha Takenouchi-ryū Tantojutsu Tegumi Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū Tessenjutsu Togakure-ryu Toyama-ryū Uechi-ryū Wado-ryū Yabusame Yagyū Shingan-ryū Yoseikan Budo Yoseikan-ryū (Bāfǎ quán, c. Baat³faat³ kuen⁴) - Eight Methods Boxing Bāfān quán, c. Baat³faan¹ kuen⁴) - Eight Overturning Boxing (also known as: (Fānzi quán), (Duǎndǎ)) (Bāguà zhǎng, c. Baat³gwa³ jeung²) - Eight Trigrams Palm (Báiméi quán, c. Baak⁶mei⁴ kuen⁴) - White Eyebrow Boxing (Báihè quán, c. Baak⁶ hok⁶ kuen⁴) - White Crane Boxing (also known as: (Fújiàn Báihè quán)) (Báihè pài, c. Baak⁶hok⁶ paai³) - Tibetan White Crane System (Bājí quán, c. Baat³gik⁶ kuen⁴) - Eight Ultimates Boxing   (Bào quán, c. Paau³ kuen⁴) - Leopard Boxing Běi Shàolín, c. Bak¹ Siu³lam⁴) - Gu Ruzhang’s (Northern Shaolin (Cài jiā quán, c. Choi³ ga¹ kuen⁴) - Cai Jiuyi’s () Family Boxing (Cài Lǐ Fó, c. Choi³ Lei⁵ Fat¹) - Cai, Li, and Fo Boxing   (Cháng quán, c. Cheung⁴ kuen⁴) - Long Boxing (A   (Chi quán / Zhā quán, c. Cha⁴ kuen⁴) - Zha Shangyi’s Boxing (Chuō jiǎo mén, c. Cheuk³ geuk³ moon⁴) - Penetrating Feet System (Dìtǎng quán, c. Dei⁶tong² kuen⁴) - Ground Boxing (also known as: (Gǒu quán) - Dog Boxing)   (Duǎn quán, c. Duen² kuen⁴) - Short Boxing (Éméi quán, c. Ngoh⁴mei⁴ kuen⁴) - Emei-mountain Boxing (Fānzi quán, c. Faan¹ji² kuen⁴) - Overturning Boxing (also known as: 八(Bāfān quán), (Duǎndǎ)) (Fójiā quán, c. Fat⁶ga¹ kuen⁴) - Buddhist Boxing (Hēihǔ quán, c. Hak¹foo² kuen⁴) - Black Tiger Boxing (Hóng Fó quán, c. Hung⁴ Fat⁶ kuen⁴) - Hong and Buddhist Boxing (Hóng jiā quán, c. Hung⁴ ga¹ kuen⁴) - Hong society (洪门 Hóngmén) Boxing   (Hóu quán, c. Hau⁴ kuen⁴) - Monkey Boxing   (Huá quán, c. Wa⁴ kuen⁴) - Cai Mao’s (Hua-mountain Boxing (Hǔxíng quán, c. Foo²ying⁴ kuen⁴) - Tiger Boxing (also known as: (Hǔzhuǎ pài, c. Foo²jaau² paai³) (Jīngwǔ mén, Jing¹mo⁵ moon⁴) - Jingwu System (Kūnlún quán, c. Kwan¹lun⁴ kuen⁴) - Kunlun-mountain Boxing (Lǎma pài, c. La¹ma⁴ paai³) - Lama System (Lǐ jiā quán, c. Lei⁵ ga¹ kuen⁴) - Li Xikai’s Family Boxing Lí Tóng pài, c. Lai⁴ tung paai³) - Li Tong’s System (Liùhé bāfǎ, c. Luk⁶hap⁶ baat³faat³) - Six Harmonies Eight Methods (also known as: Water Boxing) (Lóngxíng quán, c. Lung⁴ying⁴ kuen⁴) - Dragon Boxing (Luóhàn quán, c. Loh⁴hon³ kuen⁴) - Arhat Boxing (Méihuā quán, c. Mooi⁴fa¹ kuen⁴) - Plum Blossom Boxing   (Mián quán, c. Min⁴ kuen⁴) - Cotton Boxing (also known as: (Miánhuā quánjī)) (Mízōng quán, c. Mai⁴jung¹ kuen⁴) - Lost Track Boxing (also known as: (Yān Qīng quán)) (Mò jiā quán, c. Mok⁶ ga¹ kuen⁴) - Mo Dashi’s Family Boxing (Nán pài tángláng quán, c. Naam⁴ paai³ tong⁴long⁴ kuen⁴) - Southern System Mantis Boxing   (Nán quán, c. Naam⁴ kuen⁴) - Southern Boxing (A category / genre of martial arts  (Pào chuí, c. Paau³ chui⁴) - Cannon Boxing (Sānhuáng pàochuí)) (Pīguà quán, c. Pek³gwa³ kuen⁴) - Choppi

    The assassins will be recruited by the emperor and the Shogun to build a new Samurai/Ninja clan with the aid of their Sensei and new lord to find fellow male and female shadow warriors who will act as law enforcement to protect the vulnerable villagers and peasants from raids by mongol warriors. Players will find fellow samurai and ninja clans wear different colours depending on where they’re from and what Chinese or Japanese martial arts and weapons they use. Disarming counter throws and joint locks will snap enemies arms, hands, knees, legs ankles knees and backs will make enemies scream in agony when they’re punches and kicks are countered. The use of jabbing, roundhouse jumping high and low punches kicks and strikes with the elbow knee head will make the assassins deadly empty handed fighters so use all the information I provided and do in depth research into Chinese and Japanese traditional and modern martial arts and scatter the schools that teach them and weapons they use across the open world. Full contact tournaments and point fighting competitions will award championships and attract new teachers who will invite players to train at their gyms and give them the chance to spar with new fighters. As players gain experience they’ll become popular enough to open their own gyms/dojo’s giving them even more freedom over what type of fighting styles they want to learn as male and female actors, athletes, soldiers, and members of the aristocracy will pay for lessons and will cause the ranks of your samurai/ninja clan to grow with characters. While players sensei will teach them combat they’ll also want them to build and develop their own way of fighting so whenever fighters from another school or style of fighting challenge them to compete in a tournament they can adapt and adopt different techniques. Look up online and YouTube books and movies by fighters like Wesley snipes, Steven seagal, Jackie chan, Joe Lewis, Bruce Lee, Cynthia Rothrock, Chuck Norris, Bob Wall, Jim jelly and Jean Claude Van Damme for information and inspiration about weapon and non weapon based fighting from their era. Also visit martial arts schools, matches and tournaments to find and meet fighters who can provide information about the wide range of fighting styles players will stumble across

    For the male samurai/ninja character in a stealthy assassin’s creed with zero RPG elements set in medieval Japan make the male Japanese a hybrid fighter using the Japanese characters executions and weapons from for honor making the character a hybrid fighter using a non turn based fighting style that’s more like assassins creed unity and black flag. Get books manuals and dvds on the fighting styles used by martial artists like Bruce Lee, Joe Lewis, Wesley Snipes, Steven Seagall and Jean Claude Van Damme where possible using the actors themselves or practioners in their various styles of Karate, Iaido, Bojutsu, Kendo, Kyudo, Kickboxing, Shotakan, shurikenjutsu, Judo, Ninjutsu, aikido, taekwondo, Shinto-Rui and kyokushin, naginatajutsu and Muay Thai. Use the Wu Lin Characters weapons and executions for the female characters hybrid style using martial arts manuals books dvds practitioners and wherever possible the fighters/actors themselves by fighters like Cynthia Rothrock, Chuck Norris, Michelle Yeoh Jackie chan, benny the jet urquidez and Jet Li to create a diverse hybrid fighting style so mixing tang soo do, eagle claw, northern shaolin and Jiu jitsu so that it really feels like players are taking existing champions and making them elite no holds barred full contact warriors. The people at Capcom, Rocksteady Games and Netherealm studios like Ed Boon who worked on Mortal Kombat XL and the Batman Arkham and Streetfighter and Samurai showdown could help you deliver 3rd person fighting styles too.
    For the stealthy world of ancient Japan introduce Ronin’s aka masterless samurai who you can hire to get rid of bandits and will be like guns for hire. Players falcon will help spot and tag enemies enemies while Bengal and white tigers will be just some of the fangs for hire who will go for the throat while giant pandas and gorillas in particular will have insane strength and intelligence. Cobra viper and mamba venom will be useable to craft anti venom against their bites and deadly poisoned arrows and darts causing paralysis, loss of vision, deafness and death as enemies tumble into barracuda and piranha infested waters to drown or be eaten or off mountains and waterfalls where jagged rocks will result in bone shattering organ rupturing falls. Even simply falling will be deadly or incapacitating as they’ll result in compound fractures and some injuries from gangrene, bullet and artillery will be bad enough to gruesomely either sever limbs torsos and heads, explode skulls or require amputations. Delve deep into Japanese and Chinese mythology for tales of mystical creatures that could be encountered like Godzilla like dragons living in sea trenches that become irradiated by natural radiation to become powerful and clumsy enough to level cities with the power of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions which themselves will hit causing the screen to shake and magma ash and molten pieces of rock to be hurled ripping into buildings and destroying anything in their path. Tropical storms like tsunamis and typhoons will hit with enough force to rip up and throw trees and make rivers and lakes burst their banks as deforestation wipes out cities with tress and and water surging through villages levelling buildings and sea levels rising to flood villages who whose occupants will need to be rescued and taken to shelters and higher ground

    Remember that a stealthy non RPG open world Assassin’s creed setting will have a male and female samurai/ninja as a new recruit. The new martial arts system will be an updated version of what we saw in assassins creed II -syndicate without the need to flail away at enemies unlike previous entries with players now using kenpo, kendo and more so find martial artists familiar with these styles. They’ll also be able to dual wield single shot and repeating flintlock firearms and a shorter medium or close range weapon such as their nunchucks, tonfa, bo staff, sai as secondary weapons to compliment their wakizashi or katana. When not wearing traditional samurai kimonos or stealth uniforms for ninja espionage they’ll also have access to full body armour and archery gear like flat, long recurve compound and crossbows and butterfly knives and shurikens for quick kills to make short work of enemy castles camps fortresses and garrisons.

    This new world of Japan will be the stealth fantasy adventure fans have craved and have no RPG elements at all. Rather than using the old fighting system of odyssey and origins, use a refined version of black flag’s hand to hand combat in ancient japan. The Templar’s will be controlling the shogun who they’ve installed seeking to exploit Japanese natural resources, smuggling gold, silver and silk and will use slave labor to run mines. This will greatly displease the your lord who will request that an honourable Japanese army officer living nearby help train a new Japanese elite force of Ninjas and trusted samurai to put a stop to these criminals. Bayonet fighting will combine with traditional martial arts weapons from various Karate, taekwondo, judo and aikido to form the most hard hitting bone crunching slicing chopping style ever so find martial artists who have books on these subjects as various schools will have freestyle sparring with soft and hard variations. Players will become experts with the weapons we saw in for honor plus the hidden blade will come in different versions like the tiger claws on both hands also players will be able to seemingly dance through enemies as they’ll have short heavy medium and long range versions of their swords as well as sais and nunchucks. In addition to wielding two swords and firearms at the same time rifles and pistols will have repeating variations while bows can be outfitted with broadhead points, bodkin tips and arrows can be gathered from timber and be forged along with various swords and knives like the wakizashi and the katana to slice or chop through enemies. Herbal teas and meditation will help you become reinvigorated and refreshed as well as you travel beautiful Japanese farming and fishing villages, mountain fortresses, dense jungles ancient monasteries, convents, temples, churches, castles and palaces where you’ll find jesuits, Christians and Buddhists shaolin and Taoists living in harmony. Sun Tzu will be writing the art of war as one of the assassins training manuals while . Look for martial artists, inventors who were innovators and reformers philosophically and spiritually who would help break the Templar influence and corruption over government and usher in an age of freedom.

    Check out Japanese samurai themed theatre for an engaging stealth experience in ancient Japan on PS4/Xbox. One of the first pets you’ll find is a falcon as falconry was highly popular in the Tokugawa shogunate. Rather than turn based fighting the idea is more of the classic assassins creed with the ability to wield your katana or wakizashi with a shorter version and switch to flintlocks on the fly as well as using a kunai for rope dart style kills from any angle. Your sensei will provide information of missions where civilians are being held in enemy castles and dungeons for profit by corrupt dishonest thugs for warlords, prisoners will need freeing from convoys and carriages by subduing the driver and unshackled occupants will will grab the nearest swords staffs sai and archery equipment and head for one of your dojo’s or garrison for further training or accompany you . The matchlocks and flintlocks will come in various lengths allowing them to act as shotguns and pistols and have a repeating feature. Wild and exotic animals will all be willing to hunt down poachers and freeing enormous beautiful striped tigers panthers lions and leopards will mean they’ll not only let you hop on for sports car like transport, your pets will hop up mountains or trees and savage enemies on command. Tame an alpha animal and it’s pack or pride will accept you as one of their own. Tamed enormous wolves wil be able to follow scent trails and attack in packs and huge pandas freed from bear dancing for amusement and will get up on their haunches turning their rage on your foes. The same will apply to imported tamed elephants and rhinos who will trample and stampede enemies goring and flipping them on their horns and tusks and slapping them silly with their trunks. Your swords will slice and dice enemies clean in two while throwing daggers when not used for regular slashes will make short work of the baddies.

    In an assassins creed set in ancient Japan hattori so will be the main playable character inspired character and the aid of military advisers and scientists like a new version of Edward Kenway and a Dr working on inventions like water wheels and the latest innovations in farming. Players will be able to think and plan tactics rather than simply rushing in. The spyglass will act as a portable telescope and bows like the recurve, crossbow, longbow and flat bow will allow players to lock on or switch targets for stealth kills with the archery system resembling that of assassins creed 3 If heavy weapons like catapults battering rams and cannons are sighted/spotted undetected then flanking around to take them out quietly will be necessary by allies like ronin with this ability who will be able to go hot or cold meaning they’ll fire either at all available targets or only when detection is imminent. Also allies will make themselves harder for enemies to spot using their silent tracking and scouting skills to melt back into their surroundings after a battle and trap patrols in crossfires. You’ll be able to purchase gasses that send enemies to sleep, or begin fighting their friends. Wolves and striped tigers roaming in packs will go for enemies throats ripping them limb from limb. Snake venom will make powerful poison tips for arrows while heavier troops can be taken down with bodkin and broadhead points the latter of which can be made serrated.much like swords and daggers which can be sharpened on both edges and curved while double ended handheld throwing weapons will smash any wall or enemy behind it and clubs shaped like bowling pins for use in combat will be available in shops. Martial artists and self defence teachers will have classes that players can act as instructors in for all ages and military officers will request demonstrations of the newest tools for the army and navy.

    Rather than simply impersonating a warlord in Ancient Japan as a Kagemusha and a Kunoichi on a quest for redemption peace and enlightenment players must always walk the right path and always do the decent honourable and right thing on behalf of the elderly, small children and women of various faiths and ethnicities if they are to be rewarded with better accommodations and access to higher ranks in the government. Failure to adhere to the order’s code and bringing dishonour to your family and position will result in swift demotion and exile. Make your family, clan the shogun and the emperor all proud during missions and your legend shall live forever. As a Princess and a Warrior in ancient China we’ll see two players from different patriotic and highly moral backgrounds both willing to put their duties to family and to country above themselves as they investigate plots to overthrow the Emperor and install corrupt leaders more concerned with wealth than anything and willing to plunge the country into turmoil.
    Everyone would belong to a house much like in a monarchy where what happens in castles palaces would play as much of a role in shaping events as combat. Honor, loyalty, courage, code and more will be highly important as weddings, betrothal and arranged marriages between rulers such as monarchy and aristocracy will take place and strong women will have many important roles. The ninja and kunoichi would also serve lords and promotion could come when least expected. The combat would be significantly altered and improved from for honor as the different characters would have different styles of fighting that would see them able to display gymnastic moves throw punches kicks throws and takedowns and more in addition to mastery of their weapons The above would also apply to the Chinese characters who would have their own separate game and in China players’ Sifus would have words of wisdom and philosophy from Confucius and sun Tzu for players seeking balance while in japan this would be performed by Senseis while books like the art of war and the Tao of jeet koon do would two of many titles that could help in forming military strategy Movies like Crouching tiger hidden dragon, house of flying daggers, games like the dynasty warriors and samurai warriors series will be be able to add new layers to battles and even before going into combat discussions with people with knowledge of geography and maps such as ship captains and generals would be vital in choosing the time and place to fight and when to visit with rivals and allies. Certain characters would have knowledge of firearms such as matchlocks and will act as instructors while training and sparring sessions with wood weapons will prepare players for the battlefield. Stealth based Intelligence gathering missions will be just as important as attacking forts and castles with battering rams scalding oil, ladders and explosives and open warfare and on the field cavalry, archers riflemen, pikemen catapults and more will be used. If the enemy hopes that they will be able to target camps villages and other places unguarded for espionage purposes they’ll be sorely mistaken as the women will be trained to fight as ferociously as men will to defend their homes and children and will be trained whatever deadly fighting art is available in their region so look for examples of ladies who kicked butt and were a force to be reckoned with.

    This and all my previous posts will help the developers go back to assassins creeds roots While this period may have already Been explored in with assassins creed chronicles China video games like the two Nioh, Ghost of Tsushima and Selkiro Shadows die twice are going really in depth with this era making their own titles that have an epic scale on par with big budget Japanese and Hollywood productions and literature including movies such as Kagemusha, Ran, Seven Samurai, Rashomnn and the Lone Wolf and cub series by Toho studios and Akira Kurosawa and Ang Lee’s crouching tiger hidden dragon as well as John Woo ‘s movies Therefore you could go even deeper by looking at the mongol conquest of China which would give players not only the huge array of eastern martial arts and religions covered in for honor with a much greater emphasis on stealth,espionage and reconnaissance that assassins creed 2 and black flag made so popular as well as the type of combat seen in franchises like Dynasty warriors as well as the role of merchants like Marco Polo and the Silk Road. Genghis Khan was the subject of the recent historical epic Mongol and you could explore his rule along with kublai and khutulun much like the Netflix series Marco Polo did as well as the Gary Cooper movie the adventures of Marco Poloand the John Wayne movie the conquerer. The various martial arts styles I mentioned in my previous post could be explored with practitioners in each of them and Japanese and Chinese production companies historians and religious scholars helping lend a hand in creating a deeper big budget historical epic that feels looks and sounds like an award winning critically acclaimed theatre film/tv production where classic stealth as well as building alliances will be explored as when not preventing petty criminals from plotting with unscrupulous warlords to seize power, players will encounter Samurai requesting their services as kagemusha or political decoys using their ninja espionage tactics to infiltrate rival lords castles and villages. Players will have considerably more tools at their disposal ranging from short long medium and heavy versions of weapons like wakizashis, bokkens, tantos,katanas sai, shurikens, blowdarts, nunchukau, bo staffs axes clubs maces spears/lances and bows and grappling hooks and bombs for breaching doors and antipersonnel use, ground artillery and early firearms could be used like matchlocks mortars and howitzers. Caltrops fireworks and smoke grenades could be used to slow down pursuers as well as mist spraying and needle firing weapons. Players could decide how they want their customers to look with various martial arts uniforms from schools practicing Chinese Mongolian and Japanese fighting styles that I mentioned in my previous post as well as robes and armor which players could still remain agile enough to perform gymnastics that would rival Bruce Lee Also studios like Toho and Golden harvest could help provide an Asian perspective much like we saw in movie like tora tora tora while you guys handle the western characters and together you’ll both be able to create a story told from multiple points of view. You could even use comic book manga and anime writers to help bring the world to life as players could play in multiplayer single player campaign or cooperatively. Our ninja heroes could also not only pick the type of vehicle they travel on land or sea in their clan would be aided by ronin geishas and thieves as players decide whether they want to be male or female and what theories and fighting styles they will study on their travels and be able to visit tea rooms bath houses and parlours where they could meet allies relax and heal themselves using various therapies and remedies from around china and Japan. Wikipedia has a huge amount of information on ancient Chinese and Japanese history like the warring states period and the tgugawa shogunate and it’s a great for research on all of this

    Please make all of this information available to the assassin’s creed development team. For Ancient China under mongol rule each region will be controlled by warlords and the Assassins will have a number of different sifus who will have their own martial arts schools that players can use to learn new fighting styles from each of these:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List...e_martial_arts so do in depth research with martial artists from all of these styles who can help this and with providing information on what weapons and uniforms each style includes. Also in terms of audio the game will be playable in mandarin with English subtitles or English so contact companies like Toho orange sky golden harvest and directors like ang Lee, Takeshi kitano and John woo to bring the period to life.
    Also the role of gunpowder and basic firearms and artillery could be explored As playing solo or in multiplayer players could investigate plots by western imperialists to exploit the population in everything from slave camps mining for gems, human trafficking of indentured servants, violent prostitution rings and opium smuggling along with narcotics manufacturing such as heroin. This must be exposed and stopped while boats can
    Boats could be modified and tools built by harbours as blacksmiths and carpenters will be busy crafting weapons for medium, light, close range attacks like nunchucks, iron clubs and bamboo fighting sticks while writers such as Sun Tzu could be writing the art of war while advising players on commando style tactics while the various religions could be explored and discovered throughout the country.
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    How about Assassin's Creed Eastern Europe under Mongol rule? Or Assassin's Creed Ottoman Balkans? Or Byzantium maybe?

    And what about AC Macedonian Empire under Alexander the Great or his Diadochi?
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    I would like to see the ancient city of Babylon,(like the blue gate of Babylon, presnted today in Berlin Museum), but having Origins and Odysee, i guess the developers wont do another ancient setting, because it would feel like Origins and Odysee together, in my opinion. Altough it is the "grandmother" of western civilinizatiion.

    If the rumors are true, next Assasins Creed will take place in time during the vikings age. If so, i guess maybe in time of Leif Erikson and you travel to North America. I can see traveling on a viking ship in the north-atlantic from Scandinavia to Iceland and to Greenland. Floating icee sheets, snow, cold, freezing faces and vikings ships. Seeing Icebears, greenlandwales coming up from water, breathing and going down or hunting walruses. Interacting with Inuit and native Americans in Newfoundland. Maybe the devs do a vulcanic erruption on iceland, which you have to run away, but i dont think so.

    The norse myhtology isnt as popular as the greek one, but thankfully for movies like Thor or Bewoulf or the Vikings series and in some way Lord of the rings, vikings and the nordic mythology had become more popular in the last years. Maybe thats one reason why the devs may choosed the Vikings time.

    I can see again some neat bossfight with some bad germanic gods or trolls or giants or something similar. Hiopefully they dont shown them like in the science-fiction movie Thor.....

    It would make sense with the Viking setting. We had the egyptian gods, the greek gods(which are often similar to roman gods, just different names) and the last ancient gods on that row, are the germanic/nordic gods. Which are sometimes similar to the roman gods, like Jupiter <-> Thor. Whatever.

    I hope, but i dont think so, but i hope they have one mission playing as Sigurd against the dragon.
    More infos--> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nibelungenlied and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigurd

    Vikings traveld across eruope, to North-America and to the middle east. They also did raids into the Rhineland and even raided Baku at the caspian sea.

    german speaking map

    Routes of Vikings and the different vikings

    Sooo.....the devs could choose different times in the era of the vikings., but i guess they choose the one with Leif Erikson. I wouldnt mind, playing again a mission in Paris. Because Paris looked completey different than in the 18th century. The Vikings did raids on Paris aswell. But of course i am sure the setting is setted and the devs are working on progress. Neverthelss, would be cool, if the devs would bring something in of the ideads in this Post
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    I would like to see the following, and picture along with me if you wish:

    SETTING: Cold War late 50s, early 60s. America/Soviet Union/Berlin.

    POTENTIAL PLOT: The Assassins are at it again, trying to stop the Templars from world domination. The Templars seek and are trying to set off WW III, to rise out of the ashes and establish their New World Order. The protagonist (or protagonists. Ubisoft could have the player play as multiple Assassin characters) are assassins in each country who work together to stop the Templars' plans. Each chapter of the story takes place in the above-mentioned locations. First Berlin in East Germany, then Moscow (or Stalingrad), then DC. The Assassins are victorious, but....the Templars have one more trick up their sleeve...their Abstergo company front sends out an asset and assassinates President Kennedy...it's discovered that Lyndon B Johnson is a Templar. ROLL CREDITS.


    I enjoy the going further and further back in time, sure. BUT......can we have a more MODERN AC game just once? Something that takes place later than Victorian London? I think a 20th Century AC game would be awesome!
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    I would like to see a game take place in medieval England during the War of the Roses. You could start the character off as a teenager during the beginning and go all the way to when Richard III was killed. There is a lot they could do with this game in my opinion.
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    [SIZE=3]Here are three settings for future Assassin's Creed games:

    1. Ptolemaic Sinai and Seleucid Syria during the Maccabean Revolt.
    2. Greco-Bactrian Kingdom during it's wars with the Seleucids, the Indians or Nomadic Tribes:

    3. The decline of the Indo-Greek Kingdom with Nomadic Invaders and feuding Indo-Greek Kings:
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    Historical events Sri Lanka.

    Though Sri Lanka got a lengthy history, the period between two remarkable events is also lengthy.
    So when considering an interesting historical period for a game, it would be between 1215 AD -1848 AD.
    This period got a lot of wars, falling of kingdoms, invasions and bloodthirsty battles.
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    Hello All,

    Like I had written in the German Forum, there are still enough good Settings for a Assassin's Creed Game. First at all they will use the most famous Settings of the History. (The Third Crusade what is staying for all Crusades in AC 1, The Italian Renaissance, American Independence War, The Pirates Golden Era, The French Revolution, Victorian Industrial Age, Roman Conquers of Egypt and Hellenic Times of the Philosophes like Sokrates and Platon). Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Germany.

    But there are still Famous Historic Events what Ubisoft can use. In Fact is Ubisoft needs not only Famous Events, they need Times were you can see Famous Buildings, or wonderful Nature. A important Aspect is that you learn New and Important Characters in the games.

    Ok we come now to the Settings what i think they still can be a Assassin's Creed Game:

    1. Ancient Rome:
    We had now Ancient Egypt and Greek. But Rome is fascinating too. The City of Rome was avaible in AC Brotherhood. But this was not the Town like the Ancient Rome. (In the Renaissance Rome had 50.000 People, in the Ancient Rome it was 1 Million).

    I would take a time after the Birth of Jesus, maybe 150 because then you have the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trajans Market and Augustus Mausoleum as a Famous Building in the Game. The Forum Romanum wouldn't be a Ruin.

    I would make it so that in the Colosseum would be more spectacular fights as it was in Origins. Maybe even some Sea Battles or Battles against Animals like Elephants, Rhinoceros, Lions, Leopards, etc.

    This Game would'nt only include the City of Rome. I would take the most of South Italy. Interesting would be Tivoli with the Palace of Emperor Adrian, or the Greek Town of Neapolis. The Volcan Vesuv, the Famous Street Via Appia.

    2. The Second Scenario would be in Persia.

    A Game in Persia in the Times of Alexander the Great or before would be very interesting. The most of the Country would be like Egypt, big Deserts. But Towns like Persopolis, Babylon or Shusha would be fascinating to visit. A visit in the more ancient towns like Uruk, Ur and Lagash would be great too, you can even use it to hide there some Treasures. The Town of Babylon had to this Time very Beautiful Sightseeing Objects like Two Worldwonders (The Hanging Gardens of Semiramis and the Walls of Babylon). Babylon had a Big Library like the one in Alexandria (Origins). But the Beautifulest thing on Babylon was the Famous Tower of Babel (Etemenanki).

    3. Japan:
    The most people want a Medieval Setting in Japan, me too. But i think because so many people want it, they will take it for the Final Game. I mean everything has an end even Assassin's Creed. And you need a really good game for the Grand Final. Maybe this or the Final Game would be in our Time were a Strong Assassin can end this War between Assassin's and Templars (if this is even possible).

    4. A game in Isu-Time 80.000 B.C.

    5. 1.200 B.C. a game with the Phoenicia

    6. 700 B.C. with the Assyrians and their Capitol of Ninive

    7. 240 B.C. Carthage with Hannibal?

    8. 1200 with Cambodia, the Khmer and Angor

    9. 1400 China under Emperor Yongle (the Forbidden City)

    10. 1490 Spain (the End of the Reconquista and the Adventure to America, would be nice to visit Christoph Columbus)

    11. Aztecs 1492 (the begin of the Spanish Conquers of Middle America).

    12. Inca 1500 (same like with the Aztecs, but other Locations, mabye with Macchu Picchu)

    13. 1700 India (the Mogul Empire in the Time of the Begin of the British Colonization)

    14. 1870 The Time of the Cowboys and Gunfighters (with Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday etc.)

    15. 1917 The Russian Revolution (with the Citys of Moscow and St. Petersburg)

    16. The Second World War (don't know how and where it would be)

    As a Half German- Half Polish Guy i would like a game in Poland in the Years from 1790 till 1805. Because their were the Time where Poland was destroyed by Russia, Prussia and Austria. It would be an interesting Time and Poland have their own Architecture Style. The Citys of Warsaw and Cracovia would be great. As an Assassin you have their enough Motivation to fight against the German, Russian and Austrian Soldiers who are invating your country. I would integrate some cool missions (like in the Old AC 2 days) where you can visit the German Orders Castle Malbork to find there a Assassin Grave or the Bialowieza Forest (the oldest forest of Europe). And a visit to the Salt Mine Wieliczka would be great too. And you would meet some famous Polish Persons like Tadeusz Kosciusko or King August Poniatowski
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