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    Well, AaronFF87, I personally wouldnť be interested.

    For me AC series shouldn't reach era when general antagonists (guards, soldiers) stopped using cold weapons like main weapons. Yes, there can be few guns but not as main. I want AC game, not shooter.
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    Just want to say that i love Origins. An absolutely spectacular game. I've recommended it to many people whom also love it. The atmosphere, music, and details are masterful.

    Still hoping though, for a WW2 era AC. Something to further utilize the higher skybox (height level of environments) mechanic as portrayed in Origins. Maybe you play as a Japanese soldier or German soldier caught in the middle of a war-torn city. Where basically you are "forced" into fighting or face execution. Digging for the truth behind the wheels of war, you begin to uncover what the war is really all about; The control of secret technologies of the ancient world. Aerial propulsion, electronics, advanced telecommunication(s), autonomous machines

    It would be a story much depicted in scenery, dialogue, and the emotions of war as Origins portrayed. It would take place in multiple areas, including Germany and Japan. The starting era would be feudal Japan, shortly after the story of Origins.

    Intro: Camera pans from the far deserts of Egypt, over the Nile River, and onto The Red Sea. Over the ocean and trade ships past. A visual representation of time changes as the years increase towards Japan. Sounds of water and wildlife pass. Giant Tuna become steam ships, a bird becomes an dragon drawn on the side of a propeller-driven airplane. All beautifully blended to pull the player inside as the music begins. Music fades with the increasing sound of sirens and yelling. Running footsteps, over a chained fence, up a loose metal pole are heard. The yelling is in Japanese. Glass shatters and the main character is seen breaking through a window on a roof into a laboratory, in Germany. Dust and debris lay about. He or she wipes the dust from a sign on the wall. The sign says: "Abstergo East"

    Other locations of the game would be Midway, Iwo Jima, and Russia. Complete with camps, the distant sounds of war, terrible weather conditions on and off-shore and the lack of rations which plagued many a soldier. Vehicles would include, but not limited to:

    zeppelin(s) (main vehicle in which to upgrade to include belly plane)
    tanks, all factions (per mission objectives)
    jeeps and/or 4-wheel drive equivalent
    horses & carriers (country-sides and cities)
    submarine (a muti-leveled mission where you have to sneak aboard to gain intel)
    trucks and cars (cities)

    Some towns would be filled with shops and resource depots. Major cities would have training centers, airfields, junk yards, industry, and farming. More variety of goods near train and cargo centers. Farming would be introduced as well as trade depots per commerce and in game coin. Thanks for reading. Whatever the next journey will be beyond Odyssey, is something i sincerely hope is as beautiful as Origins. Cheers
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    Something I think should be addressed are those assassin seals featuring famous assassins of bygone eras in Monteriggioni in AC2. Aya from Origins has been revealed to be Amunet.

    A game set in the time of Alexander that bridges Odyssey and Origins (geographically and chronologically) would be interesting, and we would be treated to the story of Iltani, the assassin that took down the Macedonian king.

    Similarly, a story set in ancient China featuring Wei Yu, the guy who took down Qin Shi Huang in AC lore, would be cool as well. Certainly more interesting than the Ming era that AC Chronicles: China focused on. As an ethnic Han Chinese myself, I would also be glad if an AC game took us to the Tang dynasty, the highlight of ancient Chinese history, or the late Qing period when western interference and domestic social unrest led to chaotic conditions that would be fun to traverse as an assassin.

    Of course, Rome as a geographical setting has already been done in AC: Brotherhood, but it may be cool to return to it with all the bells and whistles that improved technology can bring in terms of graphics, verticality, mechanics, etc. This is if we wanted the story of Leonius, who supposedly assassinated Caligula. Different era, could be interesting to see if and how there would be Easter eggs paying tribute to Ezio's time.
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    I'm still voting for a Viking themed Assassin's Creed game
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    I would seriously dislike AC to be more modern then Syndicate, for me personally I'd rather go back in time. Now AC is becoming more RPG, I'd love to see the developers make a game set in the 'Dark Ages' of 'Medieval England'. There is so much history there, facinating characters, factions etc. Imagine a gritty, dirty yet beautiful world like Witcher 3's medieval look, but made into a AC game. I would love to be able to craft my own Armour and weapons etc... have a home where you can show off your amours and weapons by using weapon racks and Armour stands. Full scale battles, mounted on horses and on foot. Oh my god, that would be my dream AC game setting.
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    I would love a Viking game too!
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    Maybe more multiplayer like Unity and maybe the skill of eagle vision and maybe multiplayer duels.
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    Ancient Rome.
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    Amazing country, great history so much to choose for especially around 1290-1320 bit of Braveheart or even the Jacobite rebellion etc

    Even has the golden eagle lol

    Voted most beautiful country in the world last year, even new movies such as Outlaw king coming out and of course game of thrones filmed there

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    Thtas really cool. I remeber the devs made thousand of photos for their skins of buildings like Notre Dame de Paris or for the sxitinan chapel in Rome.

    I wonder if someody know if the devs do something like this too for the envrionment of future AC games?

    Thats so cool!

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