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    My Operators in R6

    They should add 2 new operators for attack, and one on defense. (i haven't decided name or anything but yea)

    One would have a spider drone that could climb on ceilings and walls. it would be a little slower than a regular drone and unable to jump, but i think it would be great to have the option of hiding your drone in the top corner of a room, usually hard to reach stops, and more. they would be a 1 armor 3 speed operator with a shotgun and AR as primary, and a pistol for secondary. the gadgets would be a smoke and a claymore.

    The second operator would work like thatcher, getting rid of electronics from walls, but instead of a grenade, it would destroy the electronics of defenders then shock it themselves, so breachers can open, but it would stop other things. for example: there is a soft wall so you put it on the soft wall, stopping impacts, nitros, etc. (this would also work for reinforced walls but the example was just on a soft) this operator would probably be a 3 armor 1 speed and would have an AR and a LMG. the secondaries would be a shotgun and a pistol. the operators gadgets would be a stun grenade and claymore.

    The defense operator would have a sensor that would be stuck on walls, if anything from the enemy team goes near the sensor, it would ping or red outline them. i think it would work like a fuze charge so if it was destroyed, a hole would be left in the wall (even if the wall is reinforced). i feel like this operator would be a 2 armor 2 speed with a auto shotgun and an AR. for secondaries, a shotgun and a pistol, and a nitro or impact for a gadgets.
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    Originally Posted by guest-KNo7yJE0 Go to original post
    Preacher: defender

    Preacher would be a 3 amour 1 speed operator, his ability will be a spot light, deployment will
    be similar to tachanka where he would deploy his spot light and allow team mates to aim the spotlight where they want, the spot light would intended to be used at door ways and when attackers look would distort/blind them, it would able to counter speakers and people making last minute mass pushes as they wouldn’t be able to see where defenders are located. He would have two of these spot light and could be aimed by any defenders, and can only be taken out by thatcher emp or twitches drone as the light is covered in bullet proof glass.

    He would be another CIA operator with the back story of him being a interrogator, he’s called preacher as he was a preacher before entering the military and entering in the CIA, and Would have deployment voice lines such as “ let there be light” and so on.
    Hate to be that guy to you but, you almost one for one copied EtaWolf
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    New hard breach attack op

    2 armor 2 speed with thermite impact. Countered by electricity
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    PSYOP operator

    PSYOP is not special forces in the traditional sense however they are part of the joint special operations command.

    PSYOP does not only create propaganda they have been used for diversion tactics this is where the operator comes in.

    During some operations PSYOP will play sound effects of vehicles and other activities on one side of a village to drawl the enemies to that side while the special forces flanked him in from behind.

    The gadget could be a deployable mini Bluetooth speaker that can be thrown and stick to surfaces like Valkyries cameras. The speakers would play shuffling sounds and footsteps to throw off the other team as to which direction you were coming from. I think three speakers would be good just like Valkyrie gets three cameras. I think this operator would be best for attacking teams however I could see the gadget being useful for defense as well.
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    I want attack to have a proper medic. I've got ideas how to implement. 3 use trauma kit. Heals 40 HP, but you have to be next to a teammate and takes a few seconds to heal. Healing a teammate from DBNO would use 1 charge, replenish 65 health. When the medic is downed, he's able to use a TQ or quick clot to stop his bleedout, or maybe at least reduce it by 50%. Cannot self revive.

    Of course, he could always carry a syringe of Epi and pulp fiction himself from the DBNO to temporary heal to 80, counts down to 50 like a doc over heal counts down.

    For loadout, I would suggest a MK18 rifle, and the MK25 secondary. Other primary choice could be the 590A1. Gadget would be smoke or claymore.

    It's been said before but I also think an attacker that wears a portable jammer would be cool. Think like a mute jammer but runs on a cool down like vigil. Jams cams and enemy remote gadgets like nitro cells. Does not disable Mute Jammers, batteries, ADS, mostly an infiltrator. And I think an internality suppressed .300 blackout would be badass. We have yet to see that in Siege, utilize a cartridge that was meant to be suppressed.
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    Wow, this is my first time coming across this thread! Nice work, everyone! Seeing some really cool ideas on here. Keep em coming!
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    New operator idea

    So an ops that his or her gadget is like a grenade sized speaker that makes the sound of gun fire and reloading and that have like 2 or 3 and the they get stopped my jager

    And someone who has a bouncing betty like disc grenade and you throw it out like a frisbee and after it hits the ground it bounces back up never getting to head height to prevent head shots and spins while firing bullets in a 360 but it is low damage and can hit you and your team

    And An attacker with a k9 unit that you can give commands to like track and you have to follow the dog will follow where someone has been and you have to follow him to find the person or you can send it to roam and he looks for roamers to attack or rush where as soon as there is a way in to obj he rushes in and holds a guy till a teammate stops the dog so it cant kill anyone only hold them down
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    I fear that the dynamic of this Op combined with Zofia, Finka, and Doc would make balancing a nightmare. If those ops weren't in already, I would support this idea.
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    So I don't know if you saw the WIRED interview with one of the devs, but if you haven't, he basically said that there are some philosophical challenges to adding an animal you'd have to maim or kill in-game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciNG2WDfJjc here's the link if you want to watch it. As for the first idea... the gadget would have to have a wider variety of sounds to have any utility.
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    Maybe not Thermite-- but acid and a defending op.
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