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    Def : Sky

    Defender name : Sky

    Gender : its not important

    I was thinking there is one annoying think. A lot of maps has hatche on the roof that defenders simply can't reinforce.
    Imagine operator that could reinforce hatche with(or without if its to much op) electrification.
    He can take a stick witch ejects to the hatche and reinforce it and give it electrification.
    Another idea could be that the stick stay and electrification can be turned of by shooting to the button witch is on the stick.
    But the attacker must be inside.
    Tell me if its great idea or its bullsh*t.
    But honestly i would like to see it in-game.
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    Originally Posted by I_CAM45m5o_I Go to original post
    Sat down and brainstormed some operators. I'm sure the two factions are already designed and ready to go but it doesn't hurt to have ideas
    I hope we get Italian CTU so we get the Uzi and Spaz or Czech Cz805s or maybe Israeli ACE Galile weapons.
    Anyway here are my operators:

    Halt Def
    can lay a barbed wire fence that is about hip height that can be hurdled at the expense of 10 health but can be destroyed in the 3 Melee's and can be seen over/ through. capable of shutting down a hallway. can be destroyed and electrocuted.
    instance: 2 bombs on one floor?
    separate the hallway into two sections. now each side has less to worry less about.

    Slash Atkr
    weilds a machete and Jason Vorhees mask, at the press of the right bumper he instantly does a sword lunge capable of effective damage. more like an aimed fast swipe that has to be lined up not an auto follow lunge like Halo e swords.

    Spike Def
    lays human sized bear traps that can be concealed in barbed wire and grab onto the victims foot
    hold x for a 5 second release but at the cost of screaming in pain revealing location.

    Grater Def
    can install metal mesh shields in front of priority cameras

    Fiber Atkr
    can install a small drilled wire camera through non reinforced surfaces
    incredibly small worm like fiber optic cable and difficult to detect but does not have mobility as is anchored to wall.

    Bright Def
    deploys several blinding flood lights that can blind the enemy constantly from a distance. like a BF tac light.
    can be taken out, or thatcher'd

    Rain def
    installs a box with a shower head attachment that releases Acid for several seconds
    highly damaging and can close off small areas. can't be destroyed once deployed. ideal for stair cases.

    Spider def
    lays a wire web trap that deploys when tripped and traps the enemy inside until meleed through. difficult to detect like a trip wire the trap fires several wires and several web like directions and spider traps an enemy in a wire web.
    can't ADS 3 melee to exit unless sledge or Slash.

    Radio def
    can hear all communication from opposing team. can also hear enemy in game chat. but they can't hear you. within range. of deployable radio device.

    Decoy Def
    deploys a fake objective target that can be identified as an objective.

    Pilot atkr
    gets a dragonfly like flight done that hums and buzzes in flight. can leave it in air or in corner of room.

    Providence def
    can keep camera feed open on his wrist on screen like IQ but can be equipment detected. cycle through cameras with the bumper return to gun by switch gun button.

    Hazmat atkr
    slow and med armor
    hazmat does not get effected by acid or the gas of "smoke"
    cannot be flashed or see smoke grenades that he carries.
    however hazmat helmet limits visibility and over time will fog press ability button to fan the fog.

    You could also put a passive ability on a defender who when gets knocked would be able to whip out his pistol in dbno state and have a fighting chance like it might not be used much since people finish always try to finish there opponents but still it's a good idea in my opinion
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    New Operator Ideas... (Part 2) [some explainations]

    Originally Posted by Idade._.Waffles Go to original post
    Operator: Flurry [Defender]
    Armor: 2
    Speed: 2

    Name: Natalie Adams
    Gender: Female
    Day of Birth: January 29 (25)

    Primary: M4 Carbine w/ ACOG scope
    Secondary: Diamond Back .357 revolver or Desert Eagle

    Ability: Liquid Hydrogen Grenade
    Desc: A grenade that can freeze enemies for 3-5 seconds. Frozen players can free themselves, at the cost of 8-10 HP. The grenade can either be set to detonate on impact or after 3 seconds. (3-5 shots)

    Operator: Astrape [Attacker]
    Armor: 1
    Speed: 2

    Name: Maya Alanis
    Gender: Female
    Day of Birth: [REDACTED]
    CTU: Special Unit II

    Primary: M82 Sniper Rifle or OTs-03 w/ suppressor
    Secondary: Vesper w/ Muzzle brake

    Ability: Storm Scout Rifle
    Desc: A .50 cal rifle that can fire EMP rounds (6 shots). Each round deals slight shocking damage to opponents. If a round hits the ground it will act like an EMP. 2-hit kill for body shots and 1-hit kill for head-shots.

    Operator: Deus [Defender]
    Armor: 2
    Speed: 2

    Name: Gael Rodriguez
    Gender: Male
    Day of Birth: August 14 (21)

    Primary: Hornet SMG w/ suppressor
    Secondary: Stribog SP9A1 or Super Shorty

    Ability: Deus Ex Totem
    Desc: A device that can insta-res you when you get downed, as well as gives you increased speed and damage for 10 seconds.

    Operator: Outlaw [Attacker]
    Armor: 1
    Speed: 2

    Name: Jesse Martinez
    Gender: Male
    Day of Birth: July 4 (31)

    Primary: Scoped Lever-Action rifle
    Secondary: Diamond Back .357 revolver

    Ability: Tactical Slide
    Desc: Lets you slide forwards on the ground while dodging bullets and certain traps. You can shoot while sliding, and slide down stairs. If you slide into another operator you can trip and lightly damage them (3-5 HP).
    I know, I know. Deus sounds op, but this gadget can only be used TWICE, with a 15 second cool-down in between. Also, do be on the lookout for Operator Ideas Vol. 3
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    operator that can make warden more useful

    cause warden is not used enough i thought it would be great to have some another smoke using operator in defender
    name: maybe some kind of name like 'riot' will be good
    3 speed 1 armor
    his outfit look like division agent (light armor) with half face gas mask
    concept: major chemistry in colleage
    primary : ump45 / mpx
    secondary : m45 muesoc
    gadget : shield and bullet proof cam
    ability: as i mentioned above his main ability is gas(smoke) but to make difference with current operator smoke riot's gas color is gray(darker than normal smoke)
    when match starts riot have 2 canisters
    these canisters are only deployable on floors
    like edd or mute jammer riot have to mount it on the floor
    after mounted it detects attackers like ela's mine
    if attacker came into canister's sight, another small canister pops up into air from original canister (it pops up same height with operator's head)(when it pops up, like flash bang or frag it appears in player's ui)
    small canister blow up in air with smillar noise as normal smoke and blinds attacker's (also defender's) sight same as normal smoke
    warden and glaz can see through this smoke
    unlike normal smoke if someone go into this special smoke red circle(like jakal's ping duration, dok's phone call) appears in player's ui
    if operator is in the special smoke for enough time(when red circle make 1cycle), it make he(or she) to cough
    this cough is loud enough for defenders to notice that someone is in the smoke
    also if he(or she) is aiming while coughing, his(or her) aim(scope) will shake and disturb attackers
    smoke and riot are immune to this smoke(cough)
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    My U.S. Delta Force operation idea named Operation Eagles Feather

    3 speed 1 armor
    Ellis Stewart
    August 26th 1992
    Charlotte, NC
    US Delta Force

    Her primaries would consist of the M4 like Maverick and a new marksman rifle, the MSG 90, it fires 7.62x51mm NATO rounds similar to that of the 417. Her secondaries would be the Beretta M9 that fires 9mm rounds and the SPSMG9 like clash.

    Gadget/ Ability Bio:
    Using her length of training through her time in the service she developed a great sense of perspective of people and can use it to her advantage. After working with Taina Pereira (Caveira) on some tips of using interrogation against the enemy, Ellis decided to use her time on Team Rainbow as a means of further learning of her sense of people. Her ability is similar to Caveiras in how she can interrogate defenders but its half the time it takes compared to Caveiras interrogation. However it lacks of Intel compared to Caveira because instead of a real time icon following the attackers for the duration it works more similarly to Lions drone in patch 3.1.2 where the defenders would only be visible by movements but instead of movements, her interrogation would cause the opposite, if the defender isnt moving and is sitting still; they will be tagged with a in real time outline, no icon no distance marker, just an outline. It will take more than small movements to keep you safe though. Another advantage possibly being that if an enemy is tagged the outline could varry on how much damage they've taken by percentages. If the health is within 1 to 25% it will be red, 26 to 50% will be yellow, 51 to 75% will be green and 76 to 100% will be white/blue.

    Secondary gadgets:
    Smoke grenades and Breaching charges


    3 speed 1 armor
    Johnathan Myers
    February 12th 1987
    Phoenix, AZ
    US Delta Force

    His primaries would consist of a Colt Car15 firing 5.56x45mm Nato rounds similar to the 416C and the Super 90 shotgun. Then for secondaries there's the Beretta M9 pistol and the SPSMG9 like Informant and Clash

    Gadget/ Ability Bio:
    His gadget would be a drone similar to that of Echo's in design but instead of only getting on the ceiling it can be flown around like the ones in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Now there are good things about it but also things that make it not too overpowered or anything. The drone can be flown inside of the map boundaries for defenders, anything outside of the boundaries will loose connection. Now here's the tricky information. The vortex drone has 2 modes stationary and moving. The drone can only be used by Vortex and dead operators during the time if it is stationary but dead operators cant scan (itll be up to callouts or just using it to watch for your squad) whereas Vortex himself can. When stationary the drone is silent and cloaked with only a very small visible blue light if Vortex is using it whether it be stationary or moving, a white light if it's a dead defender when stationary. Then theres the movable mode. Moving the vortex drone is like using an ability, you have 40 seconds maximum to move your drone to its next location or to your new spot but during that time Vortex and dead defenders can both scan to help Vortex find enemies that that player might not have made eyes with. Once the drone is in its location you would like to keep it in you put it into stationary mode and cloak it or keep it in movable to hope off for a quick 5 seconds to check your surroundings and jump right back in with it still active. While in moving mode the drone will make a buzzing sound similar to a Yokai or Twitch drone.

    Secondary gadgets:
    Deployable shield and new Proximity Alarm
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    New Operator Ideas - Siren and Blackout


    I've had some ideas for operators for quite some time but never actually came to submitting it until now. If anyone agrees with the ideas, please spread it.

    Blackout (Attacker) - Possesses the ability to disable ALL building electronics temporarily. This would cut lights to the entirety of the building, along with all electric defense operator equipment for around 10-15 seconds. The operator could activate his/her TEND Gadget (Targeted Electronic Neutralization Device) in a similar mechanic as IQ's watch flip to activate her ability, to be used only once. Could also be a cool idea to have the operator able to switch on Nightvision Goggles in a similar means to Jackal's ability. My idea stems from a more universal affect on Thatcher's EMP device of which the game already has the mechanic of disabling surrounding lights in addition to fully destroying it, though the balance would be it is temporary.

    Siren (Defense) - Possesses several indestructible gadgets (~3 total) that serve as an alarm device. The E.A.A.D. (Enemy Arrival Alarm Device) would be a sort of sensor that emits a loud, but not disruptive, audio and visual indicator that would reveal that an enemy had tripped it. The device would not do any damage or stun to the enemy, only persistent cue that does not shut off once activate to reveal the enemy's whereabouts. The operator would preferably be a female based on the Greek Mythology Sirens, given it attracts the defending operators attention and also like an alarm siren. This idea stems from the mechanic already in the game in which a metal detector has gone off and reveals people of their location such as the metal detectors in Bank and Kanal.

    It would be amazing if this idea is implemented (and possibly named after me? Lol).

    ~Phillip Bullock
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    New Operator Ideas

    Im still new ish to r6 but I think an attacker that can revive a dead person would be cool. When they revive any person they both get put to one hp. Also an attacker with a shield that is constantly monitoring his blood flow, when he dies his shield sees that he has died and the shield then self destructs hurting anyone and anything around him.
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    Buck Alternative

    Attacker Operator idea. I have no concept art just the idea. Thoughts below. Yes he is similar to buck but would be a different alternative, in case buck is banned or in tandem with him. he fires dual barrel. He brings massive fire rate potential at the cost of reload speed.

    Operators name: I don't have one, any ideas? Maybe Trick?

    Idea: Hes all about double or nothing
    Long gambling history that got him into a lot of trouble but he can read people very well, body language specialist and a overwhelming desire to win at all costs. A poker face like attitude means no body scares him, able to put emotions aside due to his past career of gambling, he will do anything to ensure success. He joined the Rainbow 6 team to take his skills to the next level. In a team setting he's able to help his team with an unmatched ability to decimate his opponents. When it all fails and he the last alive in the 1v4 scenario, his double barrel shotgun strikes fear into anyone who dares challenge him.

    Primary: DP12 Double Barrel bullpup pump tactical shotgun. 18 shots.

    Gadget: Shotgun slugs AND buckshot. 3 Options. Fire both round types, fire 2 slugs, or fire 2 buck shot. These rounds are all pre loaded and you fire both barrels at the same time. In the first configuration The buck shot and slug will hit the soft wall for example and while the buck shot opens a hole, the slug round continues through to the other side with massive killing power just like the BOSG. Fire rate is fast and a slow reload for balancing and also because you're technically loading 2 guns.

    Secondary: Double barrel M1911 pistol (pictured in link below)

    Secondary gadgets: Flash bangs/ Breach charges ( for redundancy, don't want him to be Over powered)

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    New defend operator idea

    As vertical plays are getting more popular and insanely effective in certain maps. I suggest a defensive operator who has a gadget that could deploy a kevlar mat on to the floor or ceiling. The gadget should have 2-3 rounds depends on the size of the coverage, and the kevlar mat can stop bullets except sniper rifles.
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    Tear Gas Attack Operator

    Should Ubisoft add an attack operator that has tear gas as there special ability and the tear gas is shot by a grande launcher and it blinds, stuns and slows down defenders.
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