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    Another game

    No one will probably read this but I just want to say that I think Ubisoft should make another red steel game. They could make it a little more free roam with a full map and combat could be updated somewhat. It also would be for a newer console than wii so better graphics. I think on a wiiU it would be cool and I might want to buy one but on a kinect for xbox it would be truly epic. On kinect you could truly control everything your character did. Vote to say what you think!
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    As of today Ubisoft was released two parts of red steel game and I don`t think that they are going to release any new part of this game. But, as per online gaming news channel blog this company is designing some new game which look like the red steel game only but it has different theme in it.
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    Hello, frankly speaking, I like also to play game s from UBISOFT, especially Assassin Creed. Speaking about red steel game I have never played, one but I would like to try. I read some news about games on As for me, this is a great source of news.
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    Nice graphical game as always

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