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    Tachanka tutorial

    first of all, I want to make clear I'm not a Tachanka god, and anything I say here might be improved or other ideas might be even better, but I see many people saying Tachanka is a bad operator and I want to share why it is not for me.
    Tachanka can be very efficient wiping out the whole enemy team by himself if he is correctly located and supported.

    Tips for when to avoid this operator
    1- Tachanka is not the best operator to use in any situation, he is more like very good in some places and very bad in other places.
    2- He does not seem to be fit for bomb playlist because his low mobility (his turret is static).
    3- He is not fit for small rooms surrounded by entries.
    4- His efficiency depends on his teammates. When you have very unexperienced teammates, it would be better to use another operator.

    Tips for how and when to use this operator:
    1- He excells in defending corridors or rather large rooms with few entries (or many of them but placed quite together.
    2- Place the turret close to a corner or a wall at the opposed side of the entries you want to cover. This increases your target range.
    3- Place your deployable shield between you and a risky entry (where you think you are more vulnerable like main entries or Castle-reinforced entries (where you can not shoot through for surprise kills.
    4- Reinforce your back walls. If Mute or Bandit can put their gadgets on them, even better.
    5- Keep away from the drones. They can locate you and as you are not moving from the place, enemies will know exactly where to aim.
    6- Sometimes, making a hole in a wall before enemies arrive might be a good idea in order to see through.
    7- Consider avoiding Tachanka if you have less than 2 preferred teammates in your team.
    8- Tachanka excells in Hostage defense.

    Best teammates:
    Bandit, Mute, Jäger, Rook.

    Tips for teammates:
    Bandit: after avoiding drones to enter the room with electrified wire, place some batteries to protect Tatchanka's reinforced walls behind him.
    Mute: same as Bandit.
    Jägger: place at least one of your gadgets in order to protect Tachanka from Fuze's grenades. This is not necessary in Hostage if he is located close to the hostage.
    Rook: do your job and don't deploy your vests 1km away from Tatchanka.

    Finally, I wanted to say I get some really nice matches with Tachanka, even if I'm not supported by my team. The best ones I've made, I've wiped out 4-5 enemies keeping all my team alive. Good Tachanka matches tend to be short so you get more experience in less time
    I hope this post was interesting. If you have any other ideas, please tell them and I'll update.
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    Really good info, the only thing I would add is finding the perfect angle with him. If you are in a corner per usual, try to angle your gun so that you have line of sight on every possible entrance; that way the enemy has no good counter to you except from an assault from above. Even then you can generally mow people down if they have the balls to drop in on you.
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    Good tips for Tachanka. 1 correction you CAN shoot through Castle reinforcement with the MG as you can with Glaz. Those 2 operators are the ones that can penetrate Castle "walls" with normal bullets. I guess those walls are designed to block bullets with 7.62mm caliber and lower. Not the heavy duty rounds that Glaz rifle and Tachankas MG are spitting out. Which i think is 7.62x53mm rifle round as used in the real-life OTs-03 aka Dragunov SVU.
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    The key to using the Tachanka MG effectively is all about positioning and surprise.

    The MG has excellent bullet penetration, very high damage, zero recoil and plenty of ammunition. Because of this, it excels at longer distances where other players are at a disadvantage, or when placed in an unexpected location where you can surprise enemy players as they move through the map.

    It can wreak havoc on enemies as long as it goes undetected but, once detected, survival will depend on how well you can predict enemy movement and how quickly you can outshoot someone trying to strafe-pop you from closer ranges. After being detected, it's often recommended that you hold position for a moment or two to make sure you're safe and then abandon position to relocate. Any skilled players will make short work of a stationary MG at closer ranges.

    I'm gradually learning all of the optimal MG placements in the game. Given the placement restrictions this can sometimes be difficult. Here are two of my favorite placements on the Bank map, for example:

    Bank - Front Entrance


    Placing the MG in the main lobby guarding the front entrance can often take enemy players by surprise. Just be careful to watch the skylight and windows to your left, and be aware that there are entry points in the small office behind you that are rarely used, but potentially dangerous.

    Bank - Garage


    You can place the MG at an angle in the garage so that you can easily cover both the garage entrance and the hallway connecting the garage to the vault area. This can surprise players coming from the sewers or vault, and the long ranges give the MG the advantage facing the garage entrance.

    NOTE: I used the Rainbow Six Siege whiteboard and a simple image editing program to create these images.

    PS. I realize this is an old-ish thread. Hopefully posting in this thread is okay.
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