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    Toy Soldiers DLC code not working on PS4

    Hello i bought toy soldiers brand new in my country with the sony sealed cellofane on it.

    the game works perfect but the extra DLC code for the 4 extra factions does not work can you please supply me with a new code.

    i have already posted a request on the ubisoft support site that says to awnser within 48 hours its nou about 100 hours later and still no answer!
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    can you please help me! i have bought this game now nearly over 2 weeks ago and still no answer on any of my questions this is the worst service i ever had i pay good money for your games and i expect good service with is
    i can,t call some hotline.support line i have to open a support ticket that is not answerd in 48 hours as sayd its not even answerd within 2 weeks!
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    still nothing huh? not even a simple reply that wou would look into this or something you have on hell of a crappy company with no support!
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