Hi everyone!

Thank you for your feedback on the latest patch. The Dev team identified a bug which occurs on one island in the sector “Cape Ambar” & "Walbruck-Basin". This bug results in issues with the logistic and public needs.

The majority of players are not affected by this problem; however we apologize by everyone who faces issues. We are already working on a hot-fix to be released this week.

The hotfix will tackle the following issues:

  • Fix for “Cape Ambar” & "Walbruck-Basin" logistics/public needs issue
  • Rebalance workforce modules to reduce impact (max. reduction now is 99% instead of 80%)
    that the 100% reduction, possible before the last patch, was a bug that we fixed. Reducing the cap to 80% was not intended.
  • Fix for an invisible banner in the route wizard (some routes where not clickable)

As soon as the hot-fix is available, we will let you know!

Best Regards