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    This just plain sucks. Ranked is casual enough as is. And that announced Hardcore isn't really that hardcore.

    Why this wasn't a sticky official post, on official R6 Reddit page? So players would see it coming, and be able to react or express their opinion?

    Now it's going to hit out of nowhere when the patch comes, majority of Reddit users have no idea this will be added. I would be prepared for a lot of pissed people if I were you. Using the survey data in this way from Open Beta testers, was not a smart move. Of course they are clueless about the game and find all kinds of HUD assistance useful, but were they even informed that answers they give will affect Ranked mode too?
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    We want an official response from the devs for this desaster.
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    For me as casual i can see thats the worst idea ever. Whoever made this decision this guy should be fired!!!
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    There will be no reason to play ranked anymore. There's barely a reason to play now. You don't get rewarded much. Maybe just bragging rights at the most. This will ruin the ranked and bring all the casual team killers over to ranked. Btw nothing has been done about team killing.
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    no crosshair in hardcore mode

    iron sight only. in hardcore.
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    R.I.P RB6. Make ranked easier, hardcore isn't hardcore. I wouldn't care so much about making ranked easier, if they made a genuine hardcore playlist for real players.
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    Did you actually differentiate between casual and ranked in the survey? I highly doubt that 8700 people wanted to have a kill confirmation in ranked.
    And based on the responses on this forum and elsewhere, these results are clearly not representative of the community.
    There is maybe 1? positive post about it here, which is not even in the same ballpark as your 87% which makes me wonder if you actually asked Rainbow six players or just some gamers in general, since that's the only explanation I can think off that would get these kind of results.

    I can guarantee you that your survey results are not what the community wants, and you should consider your decisions again or just redo the survey properly.
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    Please NO

    Please no!

    The current split between casual and ranked is a good enough compromise. The gap is not as big as you(UBI) fear it is and closing it will only do one thing, which is ruin ranked gameplay for all the players that came here for the R6 experience. Don't make ranked more casual. There is enough games out there that offer a helping hand and reduced complexity/realism to the casual once-in-a-while gamer not looking for ranked/esport gaming. R6 was and should always aim to be the place where we come to to get our realistic tactical team play hit, and not get our hands held and led through a game full of hints and tips on screen like team outlines, nade indicators, hit and spotting indicators. We don't need it. Especially not in a ranked environment. Remember, we're R6 players after all. That's why we came back here.

    -Don't split the community by creating another unnecessary gameplay experience (hardcore),

    -Let there be one ranked gameplay experience that carries the spirit and essence of R6, which should be a hardcore tactical gameplay after all!

    -Don't cater ranked to the casual. Casual gaming needs no ranked gameplay (which is what ranked will turn into if you go ahead with this). Let the casual develope the skill and teamplay needed to make his own stand in ranked. Those who seek it will gladly join ranked. Those who don't wont care. Win-Win by my books.

    Like many people currently playing the game I've been really surprised on how UBI went on to create a refreshing and thrilling gaming experience that still carries the spirit of the original and past R6 titles. And R6 has never lend a helping hand to "noobs" or devided the community into as many different game experiences as they plan to now. It's always been brutally honnest. No holding hands, just realistic tactical gameplay. I urge you not to go the "casual" way this time. It all started so well. The current casual is casual enough. Let the current ranked be the real deal R6 experience (and remove the you've been spotted on the way). R6 IS hardcore.It doesn't need a specific game type to make that clear.

    Say NO to this!
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    You are overreacting UBI. Manager who suggested and pulled that changed made a big mistake;
    You may be worried about numbers of players, but eventually it will lead to opposite -- you are alienating your most loyal players with such changes UBI. Most likely everything is decided and you wont pull back, but this is a mistake. Currently there is enough players to make MM. This poll you referring to -- please, do you guys really think your customers all that stupid? -- poll is out of context and has nothing to do about how players see ranked setting should be. It was about information provided by HUD.
    At very least you should implement such changes simultaneously -- provide changes to ranked but give hardcore mode in same patch. What you do now is simply dumping your game further instead of making swift transaction between ranked\casual. Its sad to see.

    p.s. And by the way, when you downgrade or cut something, make it more simple, its not 'evolve' word you use. Its called 'degradation'. So you can as well rename your topic to 'Rainbow Six Siege's Playlists to Degrade in the Coming Months'.

    Also you all of sudden lost interest in voice of community? Why not make it sticky on reddit where you spend so much time?
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    I can guarantee you that your survey results are not what the community wants, and you should consider your decisions again or just redo the survey properly
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