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    Can't unlock achievements in AC Rogue

    as title,

    first, I've beat the game already, but some of the achievements didn't show up,

    for some of them, I just still haven't reach the goal so guys can ignore them,
    but since I reach 100% in the story and the present time,
    the following are those I suppose to unlock:
    Brotherhood broken: Complete sequence 6;
    No page returned: Complete the final glitched memory;
    Templar then; Templar now: Complete the game;
    Sending a message: Complete Present 4;
    Achieve full synchronization: Achieve 100% synchronization in all main missions;
    Repairman: Repair all computers in Abstergo Entertainment;
    Cartographer: Visit every location in game;
    too much, tired of typing :P

    I suppose that the mechanism of unlocking achievements is different from that of unlocking actions,
    because I unlock the instant vikings action, but didn't unlock the achievement,
    and no matter how many times I tried to reach the goal, the achievement still won't show up.

    Anyway, I'm in deep depression now, hope someone could help me.
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    Please contact Ubisoft Support, link is in my signature.
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