View Poll Results: My Wife is buying me some ch pedals.I know a lot of you fellas fly with'em my wife wanted to know y

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    1.JaVA_Hornet's Avatar Senior Member
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    Apr 2003
    behind your six
    you have to buy the usb ch pedals.

    Don`t buy the gameport ch pedals.

    The Netherlands
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    Aaron_GT's Avatar Senior Member
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    Dec 2003
    I have the gameport version (second hand) and
    a gameport to USB connector (to make it work
    you need a cheap stick so windows will
    recognise it - so there's a quick shot attached). I can't remember what issues there were with
    just a gameport attachment (no convertor) and a USB stick.

    Anyway, the set up works (very occasionally
    it loses the pedals).

    My criticism of the pedals is that the
    centering force could be a little stronger.
    It's a bit too easy to accidentally leave
    the pedals off centre. If you are flying a
    109 with no rudder trim you might like this
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    Get them......

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    Like I said my wife is at home Im at work.she is looking at this as we speak fellas.She plays too.
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    I have the gameport version hooked to a Cougar Hotas setup. They work great but mine also get "lost" every now & then. I have to close out the game & restart my Cougar, then they work fine. No big deal. I can adjust the dead zone in the cougar software so I don't have a problem with centering.
    They are also very close together but that is better under my computer desk.
    I have no regrets or plans to change them.
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    georgeo76's Avatar Senior Member
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    Nov 2002
    once you have 'em you'll wonder how you ever got along w/o 'em

    "I don't think it's quite fair to condemn a whole program because of a single slip-up. "
    Fiend's Wings
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by frag_bravo:
    Like I said my wife is at home Im at work.she is looking at this as we speak fellas.She plays too.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Lucky you...Since she is reading this, maybe she will get you a Cougar HOTAS too!
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    Now how would you or how do you have yours step up.Should I put my alierons on em or the trim of the alierons?Please bear in mind Im novice when it comes to flyin
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