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    My eggs are disappearing

    3 of my eggs that was ready to hatch disappeared
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    my game crash when i star a game

    ProfileID (can be seen in the game options): 2057861
    E-mail (will be removed from here as soon as we see your message):
    Device Model: Huawei G730
    Language: Spanish
    Describe your problem as clearly as possible: I lost my gems and when i star the last game of the adventure 20 the game crush at the moment that rayman star to run, please help!
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    I've opened a ticket with Ubisoft support more than two weeks ago about lost purchases and progress. Apart from automatic reply I haven't got any responses or updates. The ticket number is 02680575. Could somebody please take a look at this.
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    Hello,i deleted the game by mistake and when I downloaded it again I dindn't lost my old account but I lost all gams have. It was nearly 1300+. And food. And elezsire
    Please check the problem.....
    Samsung S4 Active GT I9295
    Email [email]
    PlayerID 4376508
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    I've lost around1350gem

    It was 1-1.5 week ago.When I was on chapter 22 i ve lost all of my gems
    ProfileID: 2152302
    E-mail: taha.yaramisli@gmail.com
    Device Model: Galaxy Note3
    Language: Turkish
    Thanx for help
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    Meus cristais sumiram

    Ontem quando fui logar percebi que meus 650 cristais sumiram desloguei e loguei novamente e não voltaram
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    [perda de elixir, comida e joias]

    Gostaria de saber se os alimentos expiram depois de um determinado tempo?
    Eu tinha mais de 300+ alimentos, mais de 30+ elixir, e 1000+ joias... Ambos sumiram nesse final de semana... Poderia me ajudar?
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    Unexpected loss of progress

    On the evening of 28.01.2016 I launched my game because I was waiting for my new egg and when game was launching I saw notification like in first day of the game and after that I saw that I lost my progress... A few hours before that everything was ok.

    ProfileID: 334176
    Device Model: iPhone 5s
    Country: Poland
    Language: English

    I attach my last screenshot which I had:

    I have hope you will help me.

    Thanx for help
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    Lost everything

    Wtf,?! Got a new phone, made a copy from my old one to my new one, all the data lost, all my gems, my trea was 1710 meters. And now?
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    I lost all my achievements

    Since the new update (with the new mission abilaty and new creatures) i lost all my achievements. Im on adventure 129 now and still have my 105 creatures . But now im unable to get some of th achievements or it will be to hard. (Like hatching the 100 new creatures achievement).
    If you couldhelp me my email is:
    Device : iphone 4
    Ingame id:4064566
    Name : Appel sap
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