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    Without a grudge Achievement/Trophy sense

    I'm the only one that think "Without a grudge" achievement have no sense?
    What is the meaning to crash five thousand object with a vehicle in an Assassin's Creed game ?
    Maybe have some sense but not this huge number of object !
    5000... no sense....
    This only increase an useless time played but does not help to enjoy the game
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    5000?! Ubisoft loses the plot with this. Their open world formula is so bad.

    1. Excessive Huge world
    2. Don't give any reason the player should explore all of the world outside of main missions (Yes you have side missions and collectibles but if it makes you visit an area for 5 seconds to collect or do that short side missions its sorta pointless. Especially if you will never go there again. Places that come to mind are a lot of the Far Cry maps, The Frontier from AC3, 1/3rd of Paris etc)
    3. Litter it with collectibles for "exploration", aka extend the games life
    4. Viewpoints/map unlocks (AC = Viewpoints, Far Cry = Radio Towers, Watch_Dogs = ctOS towers, The Crew = Data Stations)

    This formula in so many Ubi games is getting old and repetitive. It's almost like they just focus on these 4 things. I hate the fact they collectible spam. I end up doing it to make my map look cleaner but I think that's OCD
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