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    Team Rainbow -- Recruiting!

    Yes. I went there.

    If you're interested in combating terror in The Division, then Team Rainbow may be for you! Please apply at TeamRainbow.boards.net and register at that site, and leave us a registration message so we know you've applied.

    ---Clan Staff---
    Director of Team Rainbow: SoaringJaguar13
    Primary Deputy Director: Osskisim
    Secondary Deputy Director: Perceptics
    Platoon Leader #1 : Mr Retsim
    Platoon Leader #2: UNCLAIMED
    Alpha Squad Leader : Sup3rSolid3r
    Bravo Squad Leader: Recon Pyro YP043
    Charlie Squad Leader: GrimeyBeast19
    Delta Squad Leader: HahaYoureDead
    Echo Squad Leader: BetterMakeWay

    Now that the vast majority of the clan has participated in the Alpha, I expect us all to understand the way the game functions now. Moving forward, our goals are as follows, in order of importance, greatest to least:

    1. Do not, under any circumstances, kill a non-hostile player or go rogue intentionally. Do not bait players into Rogue status, either!
    1a. If you see anyone in the clan baiting, going rogue on purpose, etc, please record the incident and alert Staff. We will handle it.
    2: Help fellow clanmembers in both leveling and in general (DZ, mobs, teaming up, etc). Remember, strength in numbers!
    3: (If possible) Prioritize any trading you would like to do first with clanmates, then the Shield Brothers, before randoms.
    4: If you have the resources (team, ammo, etc) hunt any and all rogues who you see or who ping on the radar and kill them.
    5: If you have the ability (team/health/ammo, etc) try to rescue any downed "Innocent" players. Innocents have the grey outline. (Non-Hostile).

    If one is discovered not adhering to the above directives when available and able, Staff will have a talk with them about their continued membership in Team Rainbow. If you're not protecting the weak and eliminating rogue players whenever you're in the DZ, then Team Rainbow is not for you. If you do not wish to go into the DZ, then Team Rainbow is not for you. We are a PvP group with a noble objective. Cowards and villains are not welcome. If you are unskilled, we will train you. If you are unequipped, we will help you grind or trade with you. If you need allies, we are here for that purpose. TR members have no in-game reason not to drop into DZ at least once when they are logged on.

    There will be a 0 tolerance policy for team-killing, subject to your discretion. If it was deemed your victim was at fault (walked into line of fire, etc) you will be exempt. However, if anyone is seen, even once, just turning and killing a teammate or innocent for no reason, you will be ejected from Team Rainbow. Myself (SoaringJaguar13), Osskisim, and Perceptics will be the final arbiters in this sense, and I expect evidence for claims of guilt or innocence before either of us will do anything personally. This means Twitch streams (with witnesses), youtube videos, Xbox Recordings, and any other video evidence will be supported. I will update this disclaimer as I feel necessary.

    Director SoaringJaguar13
    GT: SoaringJaguar13
    Email: aronic1302@gmail.com
    Website: Team Rainbow Forums (feel free to sign up! it's free to use!)

    Deputy Director Osskisim
    GT: Osskisim (it's pronounced "Oz-kiz-eem")
    Website: Team Rainbow Forums

    Deputy Director Perceptics
    GT: Perceptics
    Website Team Rainbow Forums

    Alpha Platoon Leader Retsim
    GT: Mr Retsim

    Alpha Squad Leader Super
    GT: Sup3rSoldi3r

    Bravo Squad Leader Recon
    GT: Recon Pyro YP043

    Charlie Squad Leader Grimey
    GT: GrimeyBeast19

    Delta Squad Leader DeadX
    GT: HahaYoureDead X

    Echo Squad Leader MakeWay
    GT: BetterMakeWay
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    T-hunt? I'm ready.

    I'm UK based, not sure if that's gona work out but I like the sound of your plans. Add me. Gona try and play as much as I can.
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    At work atm, Best, but go ahead and add me as a friend. No problem with the country difference myself, nor will Oss have one, but depends on servers and ping, etc. If we don't get too much lag, we'll happily run with you.
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    UK based here, got a mic and am experienced with shooters with a decent connection, and wouldn't mind hunting down rouges
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    Forgot to say where I am located

    Forgot to mention I'm on the east coast USA.
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    I'm in for the Alpha. Also East Coast -- Will be able to play mostly 1800-2300 EST (Work/Sleep is more important than gaming at this stage, though I am super excited for the Division so will be on for all 3 days). GT is user name: DemonHunter114. I'm the only one of my friends who got a code so I would definitely like some company, especially to test the Dark Zones.
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    Joining the clan

    I sent you a message but I am interested in joining. West coast will be on at release and trying to play as much as I can of the alpha despite a test on Thursday
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    Anatomista14's Avatar Junior Member
    Join Date
    Nov 2015
    Jersey City, NJ
    Add OCA014, the concept of rogue hunting is right my alley.
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    Im looking forward to being on a team like this. Im no fan of PKers, and have quit a couple of games because I couldnt even play. Lets make sure players have a good experience.
    Im Pacific standard time, will be playing as much as possible, but have to spend time with the wife and schooling. GT is ookami tenou, send me request.
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    All who have posted are officially welcome to Team Rainbow! I will update the team list momentarily.
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