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    Information : tool for layout with some layout example

    Hello everybody,
    If you are interested in creating layout, try the tool DIA. It is a structured diagram creator.
    I use it for my own layout : 3 sheets are creating, each for lunar, earth and arctic. I know they are for french readers but it is not difficult to understand all the buildings.
    You can use them as youwant. It is free and should remain so.

    For information, i have made a simple video to help french players with this tool ( anno 2205 context) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ1KEen4RGE

    You can get back my sheets from the Mega site, there are not finished but it is at least a start.
    URL Earth file : Terre_layout_12.dia

    URL Arctic file : Arctique_layout_05.dia

    URL Moon file : Lune_layout_02.dia

    Of course, advanced players should not need this help but it is interesting to discover this tool...
    I hope it will help some new players.

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    Updated files

    Updated files :

    URL file Terre_layout_14.dia

    URL file Arctique_layout_14.dia

    URL file Lune_layout_14.dia

    If some errors occurs in these diagram, dont forget to mention them, i will update these
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