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    I can't believe it too, same thing on PS4. I have 3 kids, so should that mean I need to buy 3 unlimited accesses? And, I signed up for a full year

    Just Dance nowadays is just a big unlimited subscription ad and yet the kids cannot get access to it under their own account. I hope this will addressed but seems this issue has been happening for long and I don't think i've seen any official answer. Oh well!

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    UGH!!! I wish I had looked in to this. I assumed it was per console too, as when we first got the console, my daughter played it first and then we all had unlimited. So when she was having a party and playing it and realised it had run out, I bought a subscription through the xbox one website, using my account details, thinking it would go on to our home console.. but no! They have to play as me, and we have been trying to work out what we have been doing wrong, rather than just using my account (which I don't want to do, as I use my account for my work outs...) this is super frustrating and annoying. Most other subscriptions I purchase through xbox are shared with all my family on our console.
    WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!!! We haven't even used the stupid subscription now, for the whole time.

    When will this be fixed? This is so stupid, and such a money grab. I am so terribly disappointed.
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    I fell for this scam as well. It seems Ubisoft doesn’t care about its customers. Hopefully someone from Ubisoft will log into these forums and escalate this issue.
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    Still A Problem

    Just purchased Unlimited as the primary user on my PS4 console for my daughter. She can't play the unlimited songs unless I'm logged in. Not happy with this at all. It is obvious that Ubisoft does not listen to it's customers or consider this a problem since the issue has been reported for years with no positive response from them. Subscription should be tied to the console.
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