We’re thrilled to see the community’s reaction to the game since launch, and we’re also striving to consistently improve the online experience for all players. As discussed in our recent Reddit AMA, the team is hard at work in ironing out server and connectivity issues and will detail those improvements in an official set of patch notes next week.

Today, however, we’re excited to share details on how the settings of Rainbow Six Siege’s main PVP playlist, Casual and Rank, will be evolving in the short term as well as our intention to create a dedicated hardcore playlist with its own set of rules.

  1. MID-DECEMBER 2015: SYNCH BACK THE HUD OF CASUAL / RANKED PLAYLISTS.This will be done two weeks after launch through a title update. After compiling the Open Beta feedback we received, we have refined our choices for HUD settings and have decided to apply them identically to both Ranked and Casual. Minor exceptions will exist however for settings other than HUD.
  2. HIGH PRIORITY IN 2016: DEVELOP AND LAUNCH A DEDICATED HARDCORE PLAYLIST. Current plan is to develop a full-fledged hardcore playlist (if the player base allows it). By having hardcore be its own playlist, we will have the liberty to have the hardcore experience that we want and that the community deserves. Meanwhile, players will be able to enjoy a Hardcore pre-set in Custom games.

Why these changes?

We are convinced that Casual and Ranked experiences should be as close and consistent as possible. Players of Casual matches should feel welcome to try a more ‘competitive’ playlist and get a rating for their performances, without having to re-learn or re-adapt to new settings. Similarly, Ranked players should feel compelled to launch in Casual, either to play without ‘ladder anxiety’ or just to try out a new strategy or Operator. For these reasons we are re-synching HUD on Ranked and Casual.

As for a Hardcore Playlist, we fully understand the desire for a more ‘realistic’ mode and want to support this at its best, without compromising the game play. As stated, this is a priority for us in 2016 and in the meantime, we invite you to try the Hardcore pre-set in Custom games and send us your feedback.

What are the new settings on Ranked and Casual? How were they chosen?

Based on our observations, numerous discussions, and a survey we ran among 10,000 players*, we settled on the following settings for our Ranked and Casual Playlists.

Overall we are keeping most of the current HUD elements for both Ranked and Casual as they are considered helpful elements (see survey results below), and deemed as necessary to properly feedback the player on their game experience.

Casual Ranked
HUD Elements
Scoring indicator ON ON
Threat indicator ON ON
Hit indicator ON ON
Hit confirmation (gadgets & friendly fire only) ON ON
Frag grenade indicator ON ON
Teammate outline ON ON
Kill confirmation on crosshair ON ON
Teammate name display ON ON
Crosshair ON ON
Reload indicator ON ON
Health bar ON ON
Weapon Panel ON ON
Compass ON ON
VS Notification ON ON
Kill Cam ON OFF
Clearance Level 0 20
Spawn Vote OFF ON
# of Rounds BO5 BO6+ up to 3
round in case of tie
*survey among the 10,000 players who had played the most Ranked and Casual matches during the open beta.

Why are there still some minor differences between Ranked & Casual?

We decided to keep some minor differences between both playlists, especially on Killcam and Spawn Vote. Here is why:

  • We see the killcam as a learning tool for our players and this is why we insist on having it in the Casual playlist. However, we consider that the players who choose to play Ranked have already learned the basics and do not need the killcam.
  • Spawn Vote are out for Casual as we consider auto-cycling through all spawn points helps the player learn the maps faster. It also removes some time between rounds.

What will be in the Hardcore Playlist?

This is not fully decided yet, as we are still compiling data. We will get back to you shortly to start this discussion, as we want this playlist’s setting choices to be built and iterated on with your help. We can confirm that we are considering minimal HUD, as well displaying mag count (vs ammo count).

So does that mean that starting mid-December I won’t be able to play with Hardcore Settings?

We will have a Hardcore Pre-set in Custom Games for anyone to try with minimal HUD (for now). Try it out as we will use this Custom Game Pre-Set to test & refine our choices for the future Hardcore Playlist. Custom games are not yet on dedicated servers, however we are working hard to have them up and running on dedicated servers as soon as possible in 2016.

See details of Hardcore Playlists:

HUD Elements
Scoring indicator OFF
Threat indicator OFF
Hit indicator ON
Hit confirmation (gadgets & friendly fire only) OFF
Frag grenade indicator OFF
Teammate outline OFF
Kill confirmation on crosshair ON
Teammate name display ON
Crosshair ON
Reload indicator OFF
Health Bar ON
Weapon Panel ON
Compass ON
VS Notification ON
Kill Cam OFF

Why aren’t you creating the Hardcore Playlist now?

We want time to build it properly and we want to avoid extra player segmentation that would not be absolutely necessary. This game is still in its early days and we will make it grow with your help. When we’ll be ready for more playlist(s) –and extra segmentation of the player base- then we will gladly make these additional playlists, with your involvement throughout the whole process. What we want to avoid is creating a playlist or mode that does not have enough population, which would consequently have a negative impact on matchmaking and the overall experience of the game.

Can you share the details of the survey?

Below are the results, Note that we ran the survey among the 10,000 players who played the most Ranked & Casual matches during the open beta. This survey was ran in two countries (UK and USA).