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    Korolov wrote:
    - BTW, VFC*HOST has limited friendly icons, PL on,
    - minimap path on and speebar on. If it were me
    - running the server, I'd turn those off, too.

    NOOOOOOOO! man, without speedbar I have a hell of a time in the allies planes figuring out how fast I'm going for landing or climbing. Without the minimap path I'd spend hours flying over the repeating squares[img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif[/img]
    PL either way, wouldnt miss it but I use trackIR

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    [img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-surprised.gif[/img] MY Track IR Fix read the whole thread

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    what IL2 needs is more people playing coops !

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    though sparse as it is and totally without any user interface, the server seems to run quite good.

    One problem: It doesn't run Co op games.
    dogfight is lame and not enough people to make it fun on a lan. NEED computer bots to shoot at!!!
    WTF were they thinking!!!!!
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    Do we still need this to join Dedicated servers? I was under the impression (maybe wrongly so) that this was done in 1.21.

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    this don\'t make no sense!
    No, no longer needed.

    For dedicated servers who want to host on HL, all that is required is you change the name of the exe to il2fb.exe and put this file into the directory where that exe is located.

    <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
    ______ _____
    (, / ) /) /) , (, /
    /---( _ // _(/ _ / __ ,""""]
    +----/ ____)(_(_(/_(_(__(__(/____/__/ (__--------,' /---+
    | / ( / ,' NR / |
    |(_/ ..-""``"'-._ (_/ __,' 42 _/ |
    +-.-"" "-..,____________/7,.--"" __]-----+

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    Probably best to add my post on to this one !

    Been playing dedicated server on HL with no problems. I want to get back to playing again on UBI. Anybody know how i set the path back so i can play UBI again, I've tried renaming the original .exe's but it does'nt seem to work every time I try to connect to a UBI game it tries to go to a dedicated server.
    What would be great would be to be able to play on both !
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    Dunno m8, I've got the same problem too. Probably stick with HL anyways, cos it's faster.
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