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    Wrong data center

    I`am from Brazil and i`ve been playing on EUS data center since the beta.
    I have no VPN and my nat type is open.
    Could you please tell me how to fix it?
    I`ve playing since the closed beta, i love this game. But I`m getting really annoyed by this, playing with 200+ ping
    Thinking on refund the game, since i`m not having really much fun with this Latency
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    I'm also getting the wrong data center. When I should be connected to the NA east coast server, I'm connected to the EU 1 server. I don't have a VPN, and my NAT is open.
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    I should be on WUS, but I'm stuck in SBR. I get 250ping and everyone speaks ****ing Portuguese.

    Here is a question. Where did you buy the game from?
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