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    Downloaded from Uplay, games asks for CD on boot

    I downloaded the game from uplay. When I start the game a dialog box comes up saying I need to insert a cd. Have to click cancel TWICE on the dialog boxes until the game starts. Really?

    FYI I don't have a cd drive installed on my computer at the moment.
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    Hi there,

    Can you confirm which options you have when the window comes up to ask for the CD?

    I had this issue myself actually and one of the options was "Continue" which I had to press twice and the game launched as intended.

    Can you confirm if you received the same window with the continue option?

    If possible can you provide a screenshot of the message that comes up?

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    Can't send you a pic as your forum only seems to allow pictures from urls not attachments.

    However, I figured out the issue.

    I renamed the startup folder in videos/startup so that I don't have to watch the same two videos over and over on startup. Game then asks for a CD as it is looking for them. I did this on the open beta and it worked fine but not on the real game I guess.

    Can you add an option to turn those videos off? They are not that exciting the first time you watch them, let alone the 100th time.

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