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    No Terrorist Hunt Offline mode ?

    Why is that ? We can play LAN games offline but no terrorist hunt ? I dont care if i dont get renown or something else. I just want to be able to play terrorhunt offline.
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    Bump! We need an offline TH mode!
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    Can a Developer please answer ? This is really important for me!
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    You can bump all you want man but there isn't 'offline mode'. Lots of games these days are online to work, this is one of them.
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    I bet its written on the packaging that this game will need an internet connection to work properly.
    Most games need an internet connection to get started. This game doesnt even have a story mode, so they didnt imprement an offline mode.
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    The Problem is that they said there would be an offline mode. http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/...-mode-missing/
    And the Funny thing is... it has an offline mode but only for pvp. i guess the TH Mode not avaiable offline was a huge oversight!
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    The game supports solo play when playing Terrorist Hunt offline & online and we will provide further details on single-player content in the near future.
    Yeah you are right. They just didnt deliver.
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    Originally Posted by Pvt.Chill Go to original post
    Yeah you are right. They just didnt deliver.
    Yeah and im Pissed about it. i bought it because i thought i could play Terrorhunt offline while travelling.
    Its just disgusting what ubisoft did. i found also an other article where they state that you could customize missions or something!
    They delivered nothing of it! I want an answer from a developer. Please tell us atleast what happened ?
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    I didnt intend to play Terrorist Hunt solo very much except when the PS4 network is down, but no it seems i cant do that either. Please deliver as promised UBI. Not a major issue for me but still....
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