It's still way to easy to return fire after being shot or shot at. It may be the hit detection, but it doesn't seem like it. Even getting a clear first hit on an enemy there seems to be little to no effect on disrupting their aim/return fire. Pretty sure, even as seasoned operators like the characters are being portrayed; they would not be perfect shots after catching a couple of rounds to an extremity or armor. Even if they got to cover it would take a second to regain composure.

The shotguns seem to be all over the place, sometimes OP, sometimes you can't even land a hit. Anything more than 6 feet away and they are practically useless. They should have better range. Even if it's just for suppression effect(although see complaint #1).

Seemed to have way less Zero renown matches, so good job there. At least I could unlock and get to try other characters.

Squad and friend invites were pretty bad last night. Lots of having to restart Uplay to be able to send game invites and or even adding friends to friends list. Also, there REALLY should be a quick way to add friends. Having to Shift + F2 and then remembering how they spelled their name and searching for them... Wouldn't it be a lot easier to have an option from the scoreboard? You can Mute someone from there but not Friend, that's just odd.