Hi, as i provided a feedback for the closed beta, i'll do it also for the open

Let's start!


  • Weapon Recoil is muuuuuuuch better now ! A lot less of spray and pray !
    But i still feel a lack of power (maybe from animation/sound ?)
  • Grenades..... Well, i suggested a grenade roll, and now we kind of have it... but we can't throw them far enough, i feel like they weight 10kg each.
    Please, bring back the closed beta throwing range.
  • Flashbangs and smokes: Can't cook ? Flash are really not useful now. You can already minimise the effect a lot just by turning your back to it, and now, you can see them coming too long before. I had a technique which was to cook the flash and throw it to the ceiling, so it flashes the whole room. Can't do this anymore. If i throw a flash, they see it, they crouch behind a desk, and you get killed because they are not flashed at all.


  • Would be nice for throwables to make them like a separate weapon. For exemple, with grenades (any of them),i would allow to be able to throw them the classic way with mouse 1 and to roll them with mouse 2.
  • NitroCells, Gazbomb: Pleaaaaaaase reduce the sticking radius! Too many times i got killed because i threw a nitro cell to a shield but instead it stick to the stairs or the damn wooden plank
  • Boobytraps: Seems like you reduced the laser brightness, but it still too hard.
    Also, the screw, is way too long, on some doors, you can see a 20cm screw poping. It would be nice if it was adapted to the surface thickness. Another point is the limitation of it's placement. Would be nice to be able to place it on other surfaces such as desks.

  • Still cannot turn laser sight on/off, remove/set attachement (suppressor)
  • Still no commo rose (but i thing it would take a bit of time to do one so i'm not surprised)
  • Still no separation between actions (pick up / barricade)

  • When Doing Shift+F2, Alt+Tab (and maybe others), it toggles the mic on. Have to press the PTT key to turn it back to the normal.
  • Leaving the game while servers are down takes a long time.
  • Matchmaking with a 4 premade takes a lot of time, whereas it works well with 3 or 5

  • Terrohunt map cycle is horrible. Either let us choose the map or do a better map cycle. We got on Kannal maybe 20 times, 5 on house and 2 on Hereford.
  • Ammo refill in TH is a bit too long.
  • No real character shadows :'(