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    How do you play as HISS tank

    I see where you can use tokens to buy other items, which I have, how do you use them in game play. I am doing single player campaign as Cobra, can I use the HISS tank instead of the Rattler? or the trouble bubbles or the B.A.T.S.?
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    This is very sad and discouraging.

    58 views and not a single reply to what I feel is valid question from the information provided to sell the game:

    From Steam:

    "-Fly the iconic Cobra Flight Pods and hail bullets down on advancing forces. These air patrol "Trubble Bubbles" are extremely maneuverable and armed with a 30 caliber machine gun and Warlock laser guided missiles

    -Cobra's HISS Tank storms the ground and can obliterate any adversary with its twin auto-cannons on a rotating turret.

    These are just a handful of the units, vehicles, and upgrades from Cobra's signature legion."

    So how do you make this magic happen?
    Also seeing how NO one has responded makes me feel that there is little to any support for this game, I was hoping at least a user would chime in if not a Ubisoft rep.
    This game has so much potential why abandon it?
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